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Monday, 31 March 2008

The Cry of the Alaska Martyrs…


Patriarch St Tikhon

Natalia Kurguzova-Miroshnik



I don’t sign, as now we are in the crosshairs of BN. The Holy Synod has freed him to do what he wishes. As we’ve heard, the Metropolitan received the report from Fr Garklavs but didn’t make copies or present it during the meeting. BN took over the meeting and spoke to them holding the dirt he had on the other Bishops in his hands. HE BLACKMAILED HIS WAY BACK! This is a Bishop? This is who we are speaking out against. REMEMBER HE BLACKMAILED HIS BROTHERS! This is a brother? This is the image of a blackmailing ICON OF CHRIST? I, for one, am sickened to the pit of my stomach. And now he is freed from his chain, with saliva dripping from his canines as a wolf in the trees, looking at the sheep whom he loves to eat. This is what we are looking at in the future of our beloved Diocese of Alaska. The Mother Diocese of the OCA, who may soon lose it, to another jurisdiction.

Bishop Nikolai and Archimandrite Isidore, continually look into these websites, and write posing as other people, so do Deacon Panteleimon, who was forced into monasticism by Bishop Nikolai. He wanted to marry, but was forced instead by Bishop Nikolai. This was sad to see, because Paul (Panteleimon) was a wonderful person before he was cloned. I have a lot to be bitter about, the OCA giving us Nikolai who tortures us, abuses us, and belittles us. Then, we turn to the Synod for help, but they betray us, and leave us with the WOLF OF SOULS, who keeps dirt on his BROTHERS, who Kills off those who do not blindly follow, who will DRIVE the Orthodox in Alaska to other faiths, such as Moravian and Pentecostalism. This is the future we see now; this is what we must fight to keep from happening. Christ will show us in the Icon of the priests in Alaska, who speak up for the Truth, and who are the Good Shepherds (Not Nikolai), who know the names of each and every sheep in their flock. NOT NIKOLAI!!! WE WANT HIM OUT!!! I CALL ON OTHER DIOCESES OF THE OCA TO COME AND HELP US!!! PLEASE!!! PLEASE!!! HAVE MERCY!!!!

28 March 2008

Anonymous Alaskan Clergyman

Orthodox Christians for Accountability


Editor’s Note:

It’d be good for us to remember that the only martyrs in the roll of saints in North America are from the Diocese of Alaska. Yes, I know that a Russian-born priest who served for a while in Chicago went back to Russia, and he suffered martyrdom there. That doesn’t count, as he’s one of the New Martyrs of Russia. That’s no small thing, but it doesn’t make him a “Martyr of America” as St Peter the Aleut is (we’d do well to recall who martyred St Peter and why… it certainly throws cold water on the ecumaniacs, does it not?).

The Church in Alaska had its time-honoured traditions and practises trampled underfoot by Nikolai. These customs were good enough for all the other bishops who served as archpastors there, and the ways of the native Alaskan Orthodox were always esteemed and held in high regard. For this abuse alone, Nikolai deserves to be removed. The blood of the Alaska Martyrs is the foundation of the Church there. It’s the only American diocese to have such a precious heritage and legacy. As an outsider, I have no voice (and rightfully so) in the decision of the native elders and clergy. Nevertheless, I think that it’s safe to say that the elders and clergy are remembering their history, their roots, and their teachers in the Faith. The OCA Synod of Bishops is refusing to listen to people who are speaking with the prophetic voice of the martyrs. Unfortunately, there are many in the OCA who despise sanctity and tradition (I heard St Basil the Blessed being described as insane by one of the SVS stalwarts, for instance), and this shall come home to roost in this situation, as it’s obvious that the Alaska faithful do care for sanctity and tradition… oh, and for honesty, as well.


A simple plea from a simple priest in Alaska…

Do you want to know how we Alaskan clergy feel? We feel betrayed. Period. We hoped that the HS would act and give us some relief, but that relief didn’t come. Instead, the wolf was given the key to the sheepfold. And we are all genuinely afraid of what is coming over the next few weeks. The bishop has characterised us as dissidents, as adolescents just acting out. Naughty schoolchildren that don’t want to do as teacher says. Then, when the whisper became a shout, he deflected the whole thing away from himself by calling it a plot hatched in Syosset to get control of the Alaskan lands. Isidore himself, on TV, said that those priests who spoke out have problems in their villages, including alcohol abuse. And the intimation was that it was the clergy who are abusing the alcohol and that’s the root of the problem. The village clergy are whining, complaining, naughty drunks. I’m sick to my stomach and I must say that I don’t know how much longer I can hold out. But thank you Fr Alexander G, for your efforts on our behalf. It isn’t your fault that things turned out the way they did. This is my next to last post. The next time I write it’ll be to announce to world my stepping down from this jurisdiction; from this diocese; from this parish; and very possibly from the Orthodox Church altogether. The only love here is for the rubrics, the typicon, the canons, and for a church that never existed in the first place. Even those who toe the line, who bow and scrape, aren’t loved. Even they are dismissed as those who had better keep it up and watch out.

Enough. Goodbye. For now.

29 March 2008

Anonymous Alaska Priest (for now)

Orthodox Christians for Accountability


Editor’s Note:

This can make the stones weep. I’ll not offer commentary on such a raw, heartfelt, and soulful appeal. If this doesn’t convince you that the OCA is (and has been) a dysfunctional organisation, nothing shall. The faithful, elders, and clergy of Alaska need our support now. Nikolaios delenda est. Nothing else shall fill the bill.


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