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Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Fr Vsevolod Chaplin Celebrates His 40th Birthday… Na Mnogaya Lyeta Rab Bozhii Batiushka Vsevolod!

Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin (1968- )

Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, the deputy chairman (zamglavy) of the Moscow Patriarchate Department for External Church Relations, celebrates his 40th birthday on Monday. Fr Vsevolod was born 31 March 1968 in Moscow. He graduated from the Moscow Theological Seminary in 1990 and Moscow Theological Academy in 1994. He earned the degree of Candidate of Theology (the Russian Kandidat degree is equivalent to a Western PhD). From 1985, he worked at the MP publishing department, and, since 1990, he has been on the staff of the MP Department for External Church Relations (DECR). He was ordained deacon in 1991 and priest in 1992. He directed the DECR secretariat for church-society relations. Since 2001 he has been deputy chairman (zamglavy) of the DECR. He is a member of the Central Committees of the World Council of Churches and Conference of European Churches. He is also a member of the State Duma expert committee for public associations and religious organisations and the OSCE expert committee for freedom of religion and beliefs.

31 March 2008



Patriarch Aleksei Congratulates Fr Vsevolod Chaplin on His 40th Birthday

Patriarch Aleksei Rediger of Moscow and all the Russias congratulated Fr Vsevolod Chaplin the deputy chairman (zamglavy) of the MP Department of External Church Relations, on the occasion of his 40th birthday. “You have devoted all of your gifts to the affairs of the Church, you have always shown an example of dedication to your vocation, and you have displayed faithfulness in your official duties. Your vast administrative experience, your prudence, constancy, and fervour for the glory of God have gained you much respect from both secular and Church figures”, read the patriarch’s greetings that were posted on the official website of the Moscow Patriarchate.

The patriarch emphasised that Fr Vsevolod’s many efforts in the affirmation of Christian spiritual and moral values “cannot help but bear good fruit”. He went to say that “I pray for you on your birthday, Fr Vsevolod, and I ask that you continue to have robust spiritual and physical health, patience, inspiration, and that God blesses your further pastoral work with success, for the good of the Holy Church, and for the welfare of the people of God. May the Lord grant you treasure that does not rust, and prosperity and many years!”

31 March 2008



Editor’s Note:

Firstly, Happy Birthday, Batiushka Vsevolod! Sotvori Gospodi na mnogaya lyeta! May God grant thee many years!

Fr Vsevolod is typical of the young leadership of the MP. Most of the leading figures in the MP are in their 40s or below (Fr Nikolai Balashov is a “greybeard” at 50!), quite unlike the modernists, whose leaders are geriatric old fogey leftovers from the silly sixties (like the old Soviet nomenklatura at the end… another parallel between the modernists and the Marxists!). The MP looks to the future, it is not afraid to take bold steps to face new pastoral challenges, and young leaders such as Fr Vsevolod are in the forefront of this.

Patriarch Aleksei was very wise to have done this, and, because of his wisdom, the Church is undergoing a powerful revival that is gaining force with every passing day. No, it has not defeated the forces of godlessness yet, but, it is growing steadily. It is a movement of young people led by young pastors marching confidently to the future. They are not afraid to confess the ordinary Orthodoxy of the ages; they have rejected the modernist illusions of Schmemann and the Parisians.

You may join this procession (I certainly have!) or you may place your trust in the rusted idols and broken dreams of the discredited sixties. Shall you join us?


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