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Friday, 25 April 2008

Good Friday… the Most Solemn Day of the Year

00 Ilya Repin. Golgotha (The Crucifixion of Christ). 1869

Golgotha (The Crucifixion of Christ)

Ilya Repin



Today, we commemorate the execution on trumped-up charges of Our Lord Christ. Yes, the resurrectional joy of Easter is three days away. However, strive to understand that it wasn’t a “positive” or painless path. Reflect on the fact that Caiaphas and the temple priesthood conspired to ensure that Our Lord died, for He was against simony, priestcraft, and careerist clergy… unfortunately, things haven’t changed that much, have they? Keep the suffering Church of Alaska in your prayers. There’s been no real succor delivered to them, and they’re still walking the Way of the Cross. Pray for them as you contemplate the cross tonight. They’re true innocents.


Orthodox Good Friday

25 April 2008


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