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Thursday, 15 May 2008

15 May 2008. A Day at the Races…

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Russia qualifies for semi-finals of world ice hockey championship

Russia qualified for the semi-finals of the world ice hockey championships in Canada after beating Switzerland 6:0. It will now play Finland on 17 May.

15 May 2008


Zenit side wins UEFA Cup Final

Football Club Zenit from St Petersburg won the UEFA Cup Final. In the final match in Manchester, it defeated the Scottish FC Rangers from Glasgow, 2-0. Thus, Zenit is the second Russian team that won the UEFA Cup Final (second in significance after the Champions League cup) football club trophy. The first Russian side to win the UEFA Cup Final in 2005 was the Moscow TsSKA club. Zenit achieved success under the leadership of Coach Dick Advocate, who from 1998 to 2002 trained FC Rangers (how ironic!). Football fans of St Petersburg and all over Russia rejoiced over the victory of FC Zenit. Thousands of people went into the streets of St Petersburg to celebrate Zenit’s victory. President Dmitri Medvedev congratulated the Zenit footballers and their fans on a deserved, brilliant, beautiful victory. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin described it as a glorious victory.

15 May 2008


St Petersburg celebrates

Traffic cops in St Petersburg restricted traffic in the centre of the city because of massive public celebrations by fans of FC Zenit, after the side won the UEFA Cup. On Wednesday, Zenit beat Glasgow Rangers 2-0 in Manchester. Residents of St Petersburg marked the victory throughout the city. Thousands of people rallied on the central avenue, Nevsky Prospekt, but, there were no reports of any incidents.

15 May 2008


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