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Thursday, 22 May 2008

Russia Sees Latin America as One of the Centres of a Multipolar World

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Russia sees Latin America as one of the centres of a multipolar system of international relations. The announcement was made at a meeting in the Foreign Ministry on Wednesday, where delegates discussed the details of Russian cooperation with Latin America. The delegation emphasised a high level of political dialogue between the two continents and the constructive character of cooperation on key international issues. Among the main tasks the sides are facing nowadays are the development of strategic partnership and the creation of technical alliances with the most influential countries of the regions.

In an interview with Voice of Russia, Vadim Teperman, the Director of the Centre of Economic Studies of the Institute of Latin America, provided more details about the issue. “Russia and Brazil have already achieved a strategic partnership agreement. Over the past few years, our countries have actively cooperated in the spheres of high technologies and space exploration. We do not rule out a possibility that Russian rockets will be launched from the Brazil spaceport as it is located very close to the equator.

We are also developing technical and energy cooperation with other countries of Latin America. The Soviet Union used to build electric power stations there, and, now, after a 10-year pause, Russia resumes this activity in Latin America. The Power Machines Company, which is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of complex equipment in the field of power engineering, regularly wins tenders and constructs electric power stations in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, etc. Russia has long established contacts with the two major integration companies there, with Mercosur and the Andean Community of Nations. But, now, it is high time to switch to more definite forms of cooperation. That is, for example, an agreement on preferential trade”.

Following the results of the meeting Wednesday, the Foreign Ministry noted that Russia needs to coordinate the efforts of all national institutions to strengthen its position in the Western hemisphere. It was decided to launch and implement a special program aimed at Russian integration into the economy of Latin America.

22 May 2008

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