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Saturday, 31 May 2008

Recognition of the UDI of Kosovo is not within the Competence of the EU

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Dmitri Rogozin (1963- ), Russian Representative to NATO

Does a European Union mission being deployed currently in Kosovo comply with international law? Vladimir Chuzhov, the Russian Representative to the European Communities in Brussels expressed his viewpoint on the issue in an interview for the Moscow-based newspaper Vremya Novostey (Current News). He said that Russia has nothing against the EU playing a restricted role in the Kosovo settlement and sending a mission to Kosovo on a legitimate basis. But, this requires a special resolution of the UN Security Council.

Meanwhile, the European Union is seeking a unilateral deal with the UN to hand over the mandate of the UN Transitional Authority in Kosovo to EU representatives. But, this cannot happen unless it is approved by the UN Security Council and Serbia. The unilateral declaration of independence by Albanian separatists in Kosovo changes nothing. The functions of the EU mission are unclear. If it focuses on maintaining law and order in Kosovo… that’s one thing. But, if it’s used as a tool to prop up Kosovo’s independence… that’s quite a different thing. Considering that leading EU countries have already recognised Kosovo, the latter option seems more likely. But, this clashes with the aims and tasks of the international presence in the region, let alone the fact that issues pertaining to the recognition of Kosovo are within the competence of the Untied Nations and not within that of the European Union.

Dmitri Rogozin, the Russian Representative to NATO, warns that developments in Kosovo may provoke a chain reaction in other regions of Europe. What will the consequences of Kosovo’s independence be? But, it’s already clear to everyone. We will witness a spontaneous recognition of all sorts of independent republics. If Kosovo can become independent, then, why can’t the Basque provinces, Corsica, or Abkhazia follow suit? At present, there are about 200 similar “hot spots” throughout the world where ethnic conflicts are simmering. For many of them, the events in Kosovo may become a signal for action.

29 May 2008

Yevgeny Kryshkin

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

I had a pro-Bush commenter remark recently that most of the world had recognised Kosovo. Not so. In fact, with Russian and Chinese vetoes certain in the UN Security Council, the recognition of the legitimacy of the UDI of Kosovo is a non-starter under both the letter and the spirit of international law. George W Bush and his running-dog-lackey Condoleezza Rice have failed. Kosovo cannot become a member of the UN or any body affiliated with it. It cannot become a member of the EU, for Spain would veto it, at the least (the recognition of the illegal UDI of Kosovo would be a green-light to Basque terrorists and Catalan separatists).

In short, Kosovo is an American-created puppet-state, propped up solely by neocon rhetoric (pure wind). In fact, the Americans are paying for their stupidity. A patriotic coalition led by Vojislav Kostunica and Tomislav Ilic has come to power in Belgrade, mainly due to (rightful) Serbian ire at unwarranted American interference in the region. Bush slit the throats of his Serbian allies. Congratulations, GWB!

Prime Minister Putin and President Medvedev have made it clear that no independent Kosovo shall be tolerated under any circumstance. In any case, the US army is so war-weary and over-stretched, it is unable to intervene and prop up this fictive entity.


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