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Monday, 2 June 2008

2 June 2008. A Day at the Races…

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Russia defeats Serbia 2:1 in a friendly match in Germany

Russia defeated Serbia 2:1 in a friendly match in Rottach-Eggern, Germany, as part of preparations for the European football championships in Austria and Switzerland. It will play another friendly match, with Lithuania, on 4 June.

29 May 2008


Russia to be a candidate for the site of the world football championship in 2018

Most likely, Russia will be a candidate for site of the 2018 world football championship. The FIFA, world’s football governing body, has not yet launched a campaign for filing applications, but, the idea has been broached, and Russia will study its possibilities, said the president of the Russian football union, Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko. He believes that no one calls in question Russia’s organising experience and capabilities. Mr Mutko pointed to the recent successful performances by Russian football players.

29 May 2008


Sochi opens a new ice arena

A new skating rink was unveiled in Sochi on Friday as part of the city’s preparations for hosting the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

31 May 2008


Svetlana Kuznetsova is in the one-eighths of the final at the French Open

Svetlana Kuznetsov (1985- ), no. 4 ranked female tennis player in the world

In tennis, Russia’s Svetlana Kuznetsova is in the one-eighths of the final at the French Open, after beating hear compatriot Nadezhda Petrova 6-2, 6-1. Her remaining competitors include the world’s number one in the sport, Russia’s Maria Sharapova. On the men’s side, Russia pins its hopes on Nikolai Davydenko.

31 May 2008


Kazan wins the right to host the 2013 Summer Universiad

Kazan, the capital of the Russian Volga Republic of Tatarstan, won the right to host the 2013 Summer Universiad. The Executive Committee of the International University Sports Federation decided the matter on Saturday in Brussels. Kazan was chosen by 20 out of 27 votes ahead of Gwangjiu in South Korea and Vigo in Spain. Russia hosted a Universiad only once before, in 1973 in Moscow. Students from all over the world take part in this sporting and cultural event, considered to be second in importance only to the Olympic Games.

1 June 2008


Voice of Russia World Service

Dementyeva advances to last eight at French Open

Russian tennis star Yelena Dementyeva progressed to the last eight of the French Open on Monday after defeating her compatriot Vera Zvonareva 6:4, 1:6, 6:2. The match lasted one hour and 48 minutes. Dementyeva, seeded 7 at the tournament, will now face another Russian in the quarter finals, either the world number one, Maria Sharapova, or Dinara Safina (13).

2 June 2008




Benedict XVI Is Grateful to Patriarch Aleksei for His Goodwill towards the Catholic Church

Benedict XVI, Pope of Rome (Joseph Ratzinger) (1927- )

Benedict XVI, the Pope of Rome, thanked Patriarch Aleksei of Moscow and all the Russias for his “commitment to fostering relations between Catholics and Orthodox”, the Vatican Information Service reported. This message was delivered to the patriarch by Cardinal Walter Kasper last week. the pontiff pointed out that Patriarch Aleksei has been “increasingly committed to dialogue with other Christians and the members of other religions”, and thanked the patriarch for “the signs of fraternity and friendship” towards the Roman Catholic Church demonstrated by the Moscow Patriarchate. With joy, Benedict XVI noted the “growing closeness” between the two Churches, “accompanied by a mutual desire to promote authentic Christian values”.

In his letter, the Pope acknowledged that he was grateful for the recent visit of Patriarch Aleksei to Strasbourg and Paris and the warm welcome given to Archbishop Paolo Pezzi, the head of the Roman Catholic archdiocese in Moscow, during the Christmas celebrations last year. The pontiff said that another sign of fraternity and friendship towards the Roman Catholic Church was the invitation extended to Cardinal Kasper by Metropolitan Kirill to visit the Diocese of Smolensk on his name-day. “This isn’t only a sign of personal goodwill, but it’s also a gesture towards the Catholic Church which Cardinal Kasper represents”, the Pope wrote. “May the Risen Saviour grant you health, peace, and spiritual happiness, and may he bring us closer to each other, that we may undertake together our journey towards full communion in Him”, Benedict XVI wrote to Patriarch Aleksei.

2 June 2008



Editor’s Note:

This is classic GIGO. What Benedict really said was, “Damn! He still won’t meet with me so that we can have some great photo-ops”. The fact that Kyrill Gundyaev met with Cardinal Kasper means nothing. If a Catholic meets with Kyrill or Hilarion Alfeyev, it means that nothing beyond polite pleasantries can be expected. Now, if they were meeting with Fr Vsevolod Chaplin or Bishop Mark Golovkov, it’d mean that the dialogue was actually getting somewhere. As it stands, nothing’s changed. The pope won’t be allowed to visit until he reins in the Galician Uniates and accepts Aleksei as his absolute equal in all ways. Since that has about as much chance of happening as G W Bush telling the truth… don’t hold your breath, it’s unhealthy (and undignified, besides). I do confess that I LOVE throwing buckets of ice-cold water on the ecumaniacs… it isn’t exactly Hoyle, but… it’s such FUN!


Shall the EU Backers of Eurovision Attack Dima as they Attacked Marija?: “You may hold any political opinion you wish, as long as it supports ours”, or “Hooray for Davos Man, Tfui to Patriotism!”

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Best singers at the latest Eurovision Song Contest give a concert in London

Dima Bilan (left) (1981- ), Russian pop star, winner of the 2008 ESC, with Hungarian violinist Edvin Marton

The best and the second best singers at the latest Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade on 24 May have given a one-off concert in London. Russia’s Dima Bilan and the Ukraine’s Ani Lorak are on a European tour of Eurovision laureates.

1 June 2008


Editor’s Note:

Ani Lorak (1978- ), pop music star from the Ukraine

This year was an Orthodox hat-trick at the ESC. All three top finishers were from Orthodox countries, Dima Bilan (Viktor Belan) from Russia, Ani Lorak (Karolina Kuyek) from the Ukraine, and Kalomoira (Marie Carole Sarantis) from Greece. It is interesting to note that Kalomoira is actually Greek-American, speaks English better than Greek, is from Long Island, and her parents run a diner (what a surprise!). She went to Greece in 2004 to launch her professional career, and has never looked back. Anyone with parents named Nick and Helen can’t be all bad! Yiasou, dear! Opa!

Dima plans an international career, but, one wonders if the secularist powers-that-be in the EU shall attack him as they attacked last year’s winner, Marija Serifovic just because she backed patriotic forces in Serbia (why not, one wonders? She loves her country, as we all do!). The following excerpt from an AFP article (the omitted portions concerned Serbian politics, not Ms Šerifović) gives some background to it all.

EU Concerned over Eurovision Winner’s Links to Serb Nationalists

Marija Šerifović (1984- ), Serbian pop music star, winner of the 2007 ESC with the song Molitva (Prayer). In most sources, the song’s title is mistranslated as “Destiny”. The secularist left strikes again!

The EU is considering whether last year’s Eurovision song contest winner Marija Serifovic should be allowed to continue in her role as an intercultural ambassador due to her nationalist leanings. Ms Šerifović won the annual Eurovision contest in Helsinki last year with her song Molitva (Prayer). She was subsequently chosen as one of 15 international ambassadors to represent The European Year of Intercultural Dialogue 2008, alongside veteran French crooner Charles Aznavour, French rapper Abd al Malik, and Brazilian lyricist and novelist Paulo Coelho.

But, more recently, it has been Šerifović’s links with Tomislav Nikolic, the eurosceptic nationalist candidate of the Serbian Radical Party, which has caught the European Commission’s attention. “Any of the ambassadors are, of course, free to have political convictions whatever they may be”, John Macdonald, a spokesman for the EU’s executive on cultural issues told AFP. “There is a problem if the activities of any of the ambassadors turn out to be incompatible with the stated aims of the European Year for Intercultural Dialogue, which is basically about promoting mutual understanding and a sense of belonging to the European Union”. Mr Macdonald said the European Commission was alerted to this issue by its head of delegation in Serbia. “Evidently their media monitoring service in the office there noted that she had been vocally supportive of the Serbian Radical Party”, he said, adding that Brussels was looking into the matter.

24 January 2008



Editor’s Note:

Kalomoira (1985- ), Greek-American pop music star hugely popular in Greece and Cyprus

This shows the consummate hypocrisy of the secularist left. “Any of the ambassadors are, of course, free to have political convictions whatever they may be”, that is what they said, kids. In fact, the Serbian Radical Party supports EU integration AS LONG THE EU ADMITS SERBIA INTACT, WITH ITS CONSTITUENT PROVINCE OF KOSOVO. That is, the Radicals are only standing for the right here. They insist that all parties follow proper norms of international law, that the EU annul the American-engineered secession of Kosovo, and that the running-dog-lackeys of Bush in Pristina should have no legal place in any international forum. The UDI of Kosovo was an abomination of desolation ginned up by the Gang of Four (Bush, Cheney, Rice, and Blair (as comic relief)) and all decent people should oppose it.

All they are asking is that the EU respect Serbian territorial integrity as is expressed in many international agreements. What is wrong in that? Nothing, in fact. Ms Šerifović is being singled out because her views do not correspond to those espoused by forces best typified by George Soros and the whole Davos mindset.

Now, I am no believer in conspiracy theories, nor do I believe that George Soros is an evil genius plotting to take over the world, à la Fu Manchu. Rather, he is a well-heeled sort attempting to spread his viewpoint. Well, many folks oppose him. Ms Šerifović is one of them. Bully for her! Mr Soros and his well-paid minions have the right to speak AS LONG AS THEY RESPECT THEIR OPPONENTS (that is what they keep saying loudly, kids, they are hoist on their own petard!). This is not being done here. I think that their loud bellows of “democracy” are shown to be empty and worthless wind (I shall not speculate on the source of the “wind”…).

Ms Šerifović is owed an apology, and Dima should watch his back… these folks are not nice.


Deacon Andrei Kuraev believes that if the Ukraine enters NATO, it shall “castrate” the Alliance

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Deacon Andrei Kuraev (1963- ), Professor at the MDA, missionary, internet activist, and writer/journalist

Deacon Andrei Kuraev, a well-known missionary and professor at the Moscow Theological Academy, believes that the entrance of the Ukraine into the NATO alliance may actually be advantageous for Russia. “The best way to ‘castrate’ NATO would be to allow our fraternal Ukrainian brothers to join this alliance”, Fr Andrei said in an interview for the newspaper Gazeta po-Donetsk (The Newspaper for Donetsk). In Fr Andrei’s opinion, Ukrainian membership in NATO is “the fondest dream of many in Russia”. “Firstly, how many of our spies shall be seated immediately on NATO staffs? Secondly, NATO is run on a consensual principle, which means that all the allies must agree on any given action”, he argued. However, this would only work if “the elite of the Ukraine actually reflects the aspirations of the Ukrainian people, not the foreign sponsors of ‘democracy’”, Fr Andrei added.

2 June 2008



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