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Sunday, 15 June 2008

15 June 2008. A Picture is worth a thousand words… They’re in the army now!


Russian vehicle-mounted mobile Orthodox field chapel

How’s that one for ya? You don’t have to go to church… the church goes with you.


Russian chaplains with the forces

There are three Orthodox priests here, and I believe two Muslims and a Jew (I stand under correction). In Russia, all the traditional religions stand together. United, we stand; divided, we fall. A good snapshot of “the friendship of the peoples” in practical terms.


More Russian chaplains with the forces

This appears to be a different unit, with three Muslim imams and five Orthodox priests (there appears to be another clergyman hidden in the crowd, I cannot ascertain his confession). These fellows do not only look like “men of God”, they also look like “mighty men of valour”. In short, the Church is showing wisdom by sending “stand-up guys” to minister to the troops. Betcha they can do as many push-ups as the toughest old sweat. Listen up… the Church AIN’T for pantywaists. These men are brothers… thank God for that!


Orthodox service in a field chapel

Seeing is believing, ain’t it? It looks like the revival in Russia is going full steam ahead whilst America is sinking in the abyss of “facilitated” positivism and “spirituality” (some Orthodox, especially neophytes, are being sucked into this). You can be a pious believer and be the “baddest dude in the valley” at one and the same time. Just like Grand Prince St Aleksandr Nevsky, Grand Prince St Dmitri Donskoi, Hieromonk Peresvyet, Prince Dmitri Pozharsky, Kuzma Minin the Butcher, and (yes!) President/Prime Minister Vladimir Putin

Make mine Russian! …straight up and no mixer!

Vara Drezhlo

Sunday 15 June 2008



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