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Sunday, 15 June 2008

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher says that “Swindlers and Ravens Flew to Russia and Robbed its Natural Resources”

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Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) (1947- ), former Reagan speechwriter

“The United States didn’t assist Russia’s new democratic government. Instead of this, swindlers and ravens flew to Russia and robbed its natural resources”, said Republican Dana Rohrabacher, deputy chairman of the committee on human rights and international organisations of the US House of Representatives, during recent Congressional hearings in Washington. Well, it looks like Mr Rohrabacher hit the nail right on the head because that’s almost exactly what happened during the 1990s. Happily for us, decent Americans came here, too, and far from all of Russia’s natural wealth was taken out for a song… still, judging by a number of high-profile criminal cases in the US, many Americans did manage to cash in big on providing so-called expert, legal, and other assistance to young post-Soviet Russia.

Well, whilst paying lip service to Russian democratic reforms, Washington and its allies were in fact working hard to check this country’s economic progress. They shut down their markets to Russian goods and thwarted our cooperative deals with others. What surprises me most here is that these accusations are coming from a one-time speechwriter to President Ronald Reagan. “I was one of the USSR’s biggest nightmares during the Cold War period. I took part in military actions against Soviet troops in Afghanistan. I wrote Reagan’s strongest messages to the USSR for seven years”, Mr Rohrabacher said. During the 1990s and later, the California Congressman apparently changed his mind though and he then advised Presidents Clinton and Bush to use a friendlier tack when dealing with Russia.

How I wish the next US President took heed of these sincere and truthful words! Speaking in Berlin, St Petersburg, and Moscow, President Dmitri Medvedev made it perfectly clear that Russia wants an honest, equitable, and mutually beneficial dialogue with the United States. The ball is in the American court now. If Moscow’s message is heard in Washington, this would certainly breathe new vigour into our relations, ensuring much greater cooperation, mutual trust, and understanding between us…

15 June 2008

Viktor Yenikeyev

Voice of Russia World Service


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