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Monday, 23 June 2008

Archbishop Ioanafan says that the Enemies of the Unity of Russia and the Ukraine shall be crushed just as Team Russia smashed Holland in their Football Match

CD cover of The Liturgy of Peace composed by Archbishop Ionafan. When such a peaceful man is aroused, watch out!

One of the hierarchs of the canonical Ukrainian Autonomous Orthodox Church (MP) who arrived in Moscow to take part in the MP Archpastoral Council called those who wish to destroy the unity of Russia and the Ukraine “spiritual invalids”. “Today, some attempt to pervert and denigrate the true meaning of the Baptism of Russia in the waters of Kiev. In fact, it was not only the baptism of the people of Kiev and the surrounding towns; it was the Baptism of all Russia”, said Archbishop Ionafan of Tulchinsk and Bratislavsky in addressing the participants in the Rus Pevchaya (Russia Sings) music festival. He noted that many attempts to destroy the unity of these two fraternal Slavic peoples are launched today. “However, nothing shall come of the actions of these spiritual invalids, because the Lord granted to us, to Russians, Ukrainians, and Byelorussians, our triune Holy Russia as a means of our unity, and we must zealously guard this union”, Vladyki Ionafan stated. He is certain that “just as Team Russia smashed the Dutchmen [in their match], so, we shall also crush the enemies of the unity of our peoples”. Some of the ensembles singing at the Rus Pevchaya festival performed sacred music composed by Archbishop Ionafan.

23 June 2008



here is a cut from the CD pictured above… good stuff

Editor’s Note:

This is unusually harsh language for Archbishop Ionafan Yeletskykh, who is well-known as a composer and patron of the arts. His anger is due to the provocations offered by Orange fanatics, “Orthodox” schismatics, and Uniate proselytism. The Ukrainian people are rising to the defence of the faith just as they did in the 17th century. I pray that a similarly-successful outcome awaits the canonical Orthodox faithful today as it occurred for their forefathers. There is hope for the Church of Christ when men such as Vladyki Ionafan stand up and are counted.



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