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Saturday, 28 June 2008

Patriarch Aleksei Calls the Peoples of Russia, the Ukraine, and Byelorussia to Maintain their Unity in the Faith despite Political Separations

00 Viktor Vasnetsov. Three Bogatyrs. 1898.

Three Bogatyrs

Viktor Vasnetsov



Patriarch Aleksei of Moscow and all the Russias said that political boundaries mustn’t be an obstacle to the unity of the peoples of ancient Kievan Rus. “Today, the peoples of the historic Russian state live under new political conditions, but, their unity in the faith mustn’t be weakened in any way”, His Holiness said on Saturday in his address on the occasion of the opening of the official celebrations in honour of the 1,020th anniversary of the Baptism of Russia in the State Kremlin Palace. He urged all three peoples to remember that “together, we’re invincible, our community, mutual aid, and fraternal solidarity shall ensure our joint future. I’m convinced that the present political boundaries splitting the territories of the historic Russian state aren’t an obstacle to the unity of our church”.


A video on the Second Great Patriotic WarGreat Russia was united then… may it be united yet again


In his opinion, up to the present moment, Kiev remains the “greatest historical and spiritual treasure of Holy Russia, it remains a spiritual centre for the peoples united by the Orthodox faith, Orthodox culture, the Orthodox way-of-life, and the Orthodox ideal of public morality. Of necessity, this means that we must remain united, and we mustn’t sell our freedom for temporary emolument”, His Holiness emphasised. The patriarch believes that it was through the Baptism of Russia that “we were able to found a united and powerful state, rich not only in earthly goods, but also in a majestic Orthodox culture”. Patriarch Aleksei urged all Orthodox believers in Russia, the Ukraine, and Byelorussia “to firmly maintain peace and unity based upon our historic faith and genuine love”.

28 June 2008


http://www.interfax-religion.ru/?act=news&div=25185 (in Russian)

Editor’s Note:

My Russkie by Zhanna Bichevskaya


The painting above of the three bogatyrs (epic heroes) symbolises the unity, love, and common culture that ties together the Orthodox peoples of Holy Russia, Russians, Ukrainians, and Byelorussians. I think of Zhanna Bichevskaya’s song, My Russkie! (We are Russians!) Rossiya, Ukraina, Byelorusiya, tri bogatyryam! (Russia, the Ukraine, and Byelorussia, three heroes!) One Faith, One Culture, One Soul. Let no Uniate or Orange fanatic say otherwise.



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