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Thursday, 31 July 2008

31 July 2008. A Shot of Culture, if you please…

Rock concert in Kiev celebrates 1,020 years of Christianity

Yuri Shevchuk (1957- ), front-man of the rock band DDT

Over 100,000 people attended a concert of Russian and Ukrainian rock-musicians devoted to the 1020th anniversary of the Baptism of Kievan Russia on Kreshatka in Kiev last evening. The crowd extended to the Maidan Independence Square, the original planned venue of the concert, but, the stage was moved due to Ukrainian government harassment of the rock musicians. According to the organiser of the concert, Yuri Molchanov, more people gathered for this event, where the music expressed the unbreakable bond between the Russian and Ukrainian people, than for all of the anti-Russian events organised by President Viktor Yushchenko. The concert had a convivial holiday atmosphere without any political rhetoric and it was devoid of any intemperate feeling. The police tried to ban the flying of the Russian flag, but, the people insisted that this was quite appropriate, since Russian and Byelorussian musicians were part of the concert.

27 July 2008


Editor’s Note:

Yuri Shevchuk KOs the khokhol Yushchenko, not with force, but, with love and integrity! He pinned that Western marionette to the mat not with violence, but, with the truth that sets us free! The people of the Ukraine have spoken. They want union! Hoo-rah! Ura! There is no hate or bile in the Ukrainian people, save in nationalist circles. Let God see and judge! Real Russians and real Ukrainians clasp their hands in brotherly harmony and eternal unity. As for the others…

Duet from Georgia won the New Wave international song competition

Alla Pugachova (1949- ), Russian pop music star

A duet from Georgia won the New Wave international competition for young singers just over in the Latvian resort of Yurmala. The second and third places were won by Russia’s Iris and Italy’s Alessandro Ristori respectively. The people’s choice prize was won by Mger from Armenia. Russian pop star Alla Pugachova awarded prizes to Omar from Kyrgyzstan and Dyadya Vanya (Uncle Vanya) from Belarus. The New Wave competition replaced the Yurmala all-Union Popular Music Competition of Soviet times. This year, singers from 14 countries took part in the competition.

Here is Iris from Russia… starts out slow and campy… but it gets fun in the end

29 July 2008


Two Russian films to screen at Venice film festival

Aleksei German fils (1976- ), Aleksei Alekseyeich is the son of Aleksei Yurevich German (1938- ), another famous Russian film director

Two Russian films will screen at the forthcoming Venice international film festival. One of them is A Paper Soldier directed by Aleksei German fils. This is a story about 6 weeks in the life of a doctor who trains the first Soviet cosmonauts in 1961. The other film is A Wild Field by Mikhail Kalatosizhvili. The festival will run from 27 August until 6 September.

29 July 2008


Voice of Russia World Service

Venice film festival program includes 2 Russian films

Two Russian films will be featured at the 65th Venice International Film Festival, the organisers announced Tuesday at the official presentation of the lineup in Rome. The world’s oldest film festival, which is organised by the Venice Biennale, will be held 27 August through 6 September 2008. Russian cinema will be represented in the main competition by a film by Aleksei German fils, Paper Soldier (Bumazhny Soldat), and in the Orizzonti section, which provides an overview of new cinema trends, by Mikhail Kalatozishvili’s Wild Field (Dikoye Pole).

Russia Today piece on “Paper Soldier”

German, 31, one of Russia’s hottest young directors, described the selection of his film as one of the 21 competing for the Golden Lion award as a victory. The selection “means that we have managed to find a cinema language… that proved to be in demand among foreigners, who know little about us”, Mr German said. Artyom Vasilyev, the picture’s producer, said it had huge potential. “On the one hand, the film describes important historical events, and on the other, it is a very human film about love and feelings”, Mr Vasilyev said. The movie is based on a story about events at the Baikonur space centre in 1961. Daniil Pokrovsky, a doctor involved in preparations for the first human spaceflight, is torn between fear for the heroic people and his love for his wife and lover. The film’s budget was 4 million dollars (93.678 million roubles. 2.559 million euros. 2.015 million UK pounds), the bulk of which was provided by the Rossiya TV channel and the Russian culture agency.

Trailer for “Wild Field”

An Andrei Zvyagintsev film, The Return (Vozvrashcheniye), won the Golden Lion award at the 60th Venice film festival in 2003. No Russian film took part in the Cannes film festival in May 2008.

29 July 2008



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