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Thursday, 31 July 2008

The so-called “Patriarchate of Kiev” Blames the Russian Intelligence Services for the Church Split in the Ukraine

I did NOT gin up the following. It is all too true! In the words of the immortal B. Bunny, “What a maroon!” Reflect on the fact that this is straight news and not a satire or spoof when you read it. Ponder the fact that Ukie nationalists take such vapourings seriously.

The so-called and self-proclaimed “Patriarchate of Kiev” believes that the church split in the Ukraine was provoked by the Russian intelligence services. “The schism in the Orthodox church in the Ukraine does not have a religious cause and was not begun by clergymen. This separation was provoked from without, moreover, it was started by the special services (intelligence services: editor’s note) of the former Soviet Union, which at that time became the special services of Russia”, stated Evstraty Zorya, the press-secretary of the schismatical UOC-KP in an interview published on Thursday on the Ukrainian website “ForUm”. “They attempted to preserve at least something of the old Soviet structure, in particular, the structure of the MP, so that through it they could influence the newly-independent states”, he noted. In his opinion, it was specifically the [Russian] special services “that provoked this dispute, they planned and organised it. The present Ukrainian church division lacks a religious component. There is no separation in the faith, dogmas, or canons. The sole cause for the division is the relation of the church to the Ukrainian state. We desire an independent Ukrainian state, and the MP wishes that the Ukraine would be a part of Russia. This is the spirit of the actions of the MP in the Ukraine”, asserted Mr Zorya.

31 July 2008



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