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Monday, 11 August 2008

Some Straight Talk on America: Betcha this is going to Rile People on Both Sides of the Aisle!

A Girl With a Black Eye

Norman Rockwell



Ordinary Americans are like the girl in the picture, not like the creepo supremos of CNN, Fox News, and government press briefings. Condemn Condoleezza Rice and her minions, not the “little people” of America.


The recent events in Transcaucasia don’t put the present US government in a good light and rightfully so. However, there’s no call for unjustified America bashing. What do I mean? Yes, the Bush administration is guilty of fomenting this conflict, and the fact that Condoleezza Rice, Richard Cheney, and other neocons were the brains behind it isn’t a secret. The invasion started at the beginning of the Olympics in Beijing, timed to be a major embarrassment to both Russia and China. Many reports say that Saakashvili was on the telephone “all day” talking to Western leaders, and, this isn’t without the realm of possibility. Don’t forget that he was educated in the US, and as a result, has personal ties in Washington. He’s also a media master, one could say that he is a prime example of Marshall McLuhan’s “the media is the message”.

However, this doesn’t mean that George W Bush planned it. Bush is one of the lamest occupants of the Oval Office in history, and his ignorance and arrogance are legendary. This was an attempt to present a fait accompli not only to the world, but to the US government as well. The neocons who ginned this up (including Condoleezza Rice, I’m convinced) were certain that because Russia was distracted both by the recent death of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and the Olympics in Beijing, they could pull this off, and receive kudos and rewards for their “foresight”. Instead, their still blew up in public and the samogonshchiki (moonshiners) are on the run. Hey, America! It’s a shame that Yuri Nikulin is dead. He’d be better than Rice as your Secretary of State! On the American side, it’s becoming clear that it wasn’t so much a calculated plot as it was “downright dumb”. Their gotchies have fallen to their ankles, exposing their perfidy to the world. If there were justice (and I’m not stupid enough to hold my breath waiting for it), Rice, Cheney, and the whole lot of neocons would be tarred and feathered, and run of town on the first rail available.

However, the above applies to the American government, not the American people. They’re two separate and distinct entities. Don’t forget that America stood tall in the Anti-Hitler coalition. Don’t forget that ordinary Americans have often been the first to offer aid and assistance whenever there’s been a calamity in the world. Ordinary Americans are big-hearted, hospitable, generous to a fault, keepers of their word, and sincerely religious people. The élite are drawn from the chattering classes and don’t reflect these people, just as the nomenklatura of the old CPSU didn’t reflect ordinary Russians. In fact, when ordinary Americans go to contemporary Russia, they’re pleasantly surprised to find that Russia’s as modern as the USA is and that Russians are as big-hearted and friendly as they are. Indeed, many Americans who return from Russia are steamed at the American government and media for lying to them. They wouldn’t have this reaction if they were evil at heart.

Russia stretches out the hand of friendship to America. However, Russia won’t be lectured as if it were a wayward child, especially not by America, a relatively immature and new society. Prime Minister Putin says that Russia shall talk about any specific problem, but it’ll be on the basis of equals and partners, not superior to inferior, as all too many neocons do. Ordinary Americans have reacted well to Putin, as he is more popular in the USA than Mr Bush. Ordinary Americans love his direct talk and honest dealing. When he promised to track down the Chechen terrorists and “kill ‘em in the outhouses”, it was not only Russians who applauded. Ordinary Americans like that sort of talk too, and don’t get it from their own government. Remember, the media representatives and government flunkies don’t reflect what real Americans think. When Putin says, “It’s total genocide. This is nothing but madness. Civilised people don’t behave like this”, not only Russians say “Amen”, so do most Americans when they’re informed of it.

So, especially to my foreign friends, it may be hard, but,remember the bravery and self-sacrifice of the Americans who stormed Omaha Beach on D-Day to aid their Russian allies to free Europe from Nazism. This is what America is capable of. God willing, we can return to that America. Such an America wouldn’t only be a reliable friend to Russia (and all other countries, for that matter), it would be a better America domestically as well. Political Correctness and the whole army of “therapists”, “facilitators”, and “mediators” would disappear, and America would be much saner and happier, as would be the world. We’d set the whole array of “financial advisors”, “salesmen”, and “investment analysts” adrift on an ice floe. America DOES have a moral legacy, but it comes from the American people, not from their government. Governments CAN be changed. God willing, there’ll be “régime change” in America. The world will breathe much easier. God keep us all in this “time of troubles”. Dear Lord, help us to defeat the forces of nihilism. We’ve not all succumbed to its siren song.

Vara Drezhlo

Monday 11 August 2008

Albany NY


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