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Friday, 22 August 2008

Andrei Moiseyev: Two-Times Modern Pentathlon Champion

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Andrei Moiseyev (1979- ), world champion modern pentathlete, two-time Olympic gold-medallist

Andrei Moiseyev has become the Olympic Modern Pentathlon champion twice in a row. Four years after Athens, he triumphed in Beijing. It wasn’t an easy win, marred by various disagreements among the referees, but, he made it in the end and took the gold. The contests for the Modern Pentathlon began early in the morning. For the next twelve hours, the sportsmen had to compete in pistol shooting, épée fencing, swimming 200 metres, show-jumping, and a 3-kilometre cross-country race. Moiseyev took the lead after the first three events.

Then, the most treacherous part came, the show-jumping course on horseback. The horse is drawn by lots. Things were not made easier by the rain in Beijing, which drenched the course. The Chinese, the first among the leaders, should have opened this event, but, for some reason he dropped out. The Czech athlete in second place, had a bad run, and was out of the competition. It was now the turn of the Russian, who despite some mistakes, now went into the lead. However, at this point, the missing Chinese appeared, riding a horse which had not been registered to run. “How did this happen? Nobody seems to know”, said Russian trainer Andrei Tropin. “We won’t go into the affairs of the judges, or rather, the organisers in this case. The main thing is Andrei came through very well”.

As he went into the final round, the cross-country, Moiseyev was 13 seconds ahead of his Chinese rival. “Although this is quite a lot, I prepared myself for a tough final round”, Andrei said. “As you know, the Pentathlon consists of five parts. And if you drop out of one of these, you can’t hope to win. Anything can happen. Nothing is decided until you reach the finishing line”. Moiseyev made the finishing line in first place.”I proved to myself and to everyone else, that my victory in Athens was no accident. It was much easier in Athens. I was not under the same pressure, as I was here. Traditions are very strong in our type of sport. Our team traditionally wins at the European and world championships. I’m glad we did it again at the Olympics”. This is Russia’s third win in the Olympic Modern Pentathlon in a row. Moiseyev is setting his sights on the next Olympics in London for a repeat performance.

22 August 2008

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