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Sunday, 24 August 2008

Thomas Hammarberg, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Shocked By the Destruction He Saw in South Ossetia

Thomas Hammarberg, the Council of Europe’s Commissioner for Human Rights called the destruction in Tskhinvali an insult to mankind during a visit to the devastated South Ossetian capital on Sunday. Mr Hammarberg told journalists that what occurred in Tskhinvali during the attack by Georgian forces on 8 August should never be repeated. Mr Hammarberg is on a fact-finding mission to Georgia to look into claims of atrocities by both Georgian and Russian forces. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Guterres, earlier called damage in Tskhinvali “overwhelming”. Figures for fatalities during the 8 August attack are not yet clear, with the South Ossetian government saying some 1,500 people died. So far, Russia has established 133 deaths, admitting, however, that makeshift burials made determining an accurate death toll difficult. The US-based organisation Human Rights Watch alleged that both Russia and Georgia used “indiscriminate attacks” on civilians during the fighting. Russia concluded its operation to “compel Georgia to stand down” on 12 August.

24 August 2008



Editor’s Note:

As the so-called “Human Rights Watch” group is funded heavily by George Soros, one must discount all of its statements as mere windy New World Order propaganda and pure unadulterated hooey. Sorry to disappoint all of you conspiracy fans out there, but, George Soros is not behind everything (neither are the Freemasons, Jews, or little green men from Area 51… as seen on the Zapruder film brought to you by Ted Turner and Jane Fonda, presented by Christiane Amanpour (US soldiers call her “The Angel of Death”, not complimentary, at all, I’d say)!). He has a VERY large potful of money, to be sure, but, he has his limits. He ran into a brick wall here and his tantrums, as expressed through his puppet agency are worse than George Bush’s. God lives… and he has a wicked sense of humour! Do not forget that He has a stern code of justice as well… are you listening, Saakashvili?



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