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Sunday, 31 August 2008

Orthodox Youth in the Urals Increase Missionary Activity

Orthodox youth are increasing their missionary activity. Missionary outreach… this is one of the component parts of the educational programme developed by the Ural Department of the All-Russian Orthodox Youth Movement. The following measures are planned to be used in our missionary outreach:

  1. Lectures on sectarianism and its methods
  2. Formal training for Orthodox missionaries
  3. Guided opportunities for practical application of training and knowledge
  4. Development of missionary programmes

The course covering sectarianism and its methods shall take one year to complete. The basic purpose of the programme is to teach Orthodox young people about sectarianism and to expose them to comparative theology. There shall be 2 to 3 lectures per month on the topic. An examination shall be given to the students at the end of the course.

The programme “Missionary Education” shall also take a year to complete. The basic purpose of this course is to instruct Orthodox young people in the application of their existing theoretical knowledge, to allow them to adapt to the aggressive attitudes [of sectarians], and to give them a forum to exchange their experiences. The classes shall be done using interactive training exercises, and there shall be 2 to 3 sessions per month. As with the course on sectarianism, there shall be an examination at the end of the course.

Orthodox missionaries shall be able to use the knowledge gained in these courses within projects specially developed by the Coordination Council of the Ural Department of the All-Russian Orthodox Youth Movement. They shall also participate in the development of new missionary programmes.

29 August 2008

Pravoslavnaya Gazeta Yekaterinburg (Orthodox Newspaper of Yekaterinburg)



31 August 2008. Out and About…

Russia Puts an End to Unipolar World Order by its Recognition of South Ossetia and Abkhazia

Having recognised the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, Russia put an end to the unipolar world ruled by the US, The Guardian reported on Thursday. Moscow’s decision not to follow Washington’s instructions was without fault. After Georgia’s invasion of South Ossetia, the proposal of the British Foreign Ministry to create an anti-Russian coalition sounds unreasonable. Experts say the system of international relations needs a counterbalance to put restrictions on those countries wishing to impose their point of view on the rest of the world.

28 August 2008


Russia’s gold and currency reserves abroad increased

Russia’s gold and hard currency reserves abroad over the past week have grown by 400 million dollars (9.845 billion roubles. 272.6 million euros. 219.6 million UK pounds) to reach 581.5 billion dollars (14.312 trillion roubles. 396.292 billion euros. 319.244 billion UK pounds), the Central Bank of Russia reported. Since the beginning of this year, they have increased by nearly 22 per cent. In terms of gold and hard currency reserves, Russia ranks third in the world, after China and Japan.

28 August 2008


France to Enhance its Consulate Network in Russia, India, and China

French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner (1939- )

Speaking at an ambassadorial meeting in Paris on Thursday, the French Foreign Minister, Bernard Kouchner, said that his country was going to enhance its consulate network in Russia, India, and China in the immediate future. M Kouchner added that the move comes in the wake of France’s increasing business and economic cooperation with these three countries.

28 August 2008


Editor’s Note:

The Bushies are screaming that they are going to isolate Russia. Looks like France isn’t joining them! Condoleezza Rice, in particular, has a personal snit against Russians, so, one has to consider the source. Russia is not going to be isolated… Gordon Brown be damned, he has no strength to back up his big words.

Publishers and Book Traders from 82 Nations to Be At Annual Moscow Book Fair

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (1918-2008), patriot, Christian, and great human being

Publishers and book traders from 82 nations will be at the annual Moscow Book Fair which opens next Wednesday. For the first time, all former Republics of the Soviet Union are to take part. There will be a special section devoted to the literary legacy of the Nobel-winning Russian author and thinker Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, who died in Moscow this month at 89. Russia’s publishers issued 110,000 titles last year, making this country the world’s fourth-most prolific book printer.

29 August 2008


Most EU Countries Are Opposed To Imposing Sanctions on Russia

Czech Foreign Minister Karel von Schwarzenberg (1937- )

Most European Union countries are against the imposition of EU sanctions on Russia. Finland is opposed to the imposition by the European Union of anti-Russian sanctions, said the Finnish President Tarja Halonen in Helsinki. She stressed in her statement that Russia is Finland’s major trading partner. But, she feels that, more importantly, efforts should be made to prevent Europe from falling apart, as was the case in the Cold War years. Threatening Russia is devoid of any sense since this creates instability the world over. Paris and Prague are also opposed to EU sanctions against Russia. This was revealed following talks in Paris between the French and Czech Foreign Ministers Bernard Kouchner and Karel Schwarzenberg. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin voiced hope for his part that the forthcoming meeting of the EU Council in Brussels on Monday would come up with an unbiased, rather than politicised, assessment of the recent developments in South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

30 August 2008


“Der Spiegel” Quotes OSCE Observers in the Conflict Area as saying that Georgia had been Building Up Its Forces for War

Germany’s ‘Der Spiegel’ quotes OSCE observers in the conflict area as saying Georgia had been building up forces for the war and its artillery barrage of Tskhinvali started much earlier than the movement of Russian tanks across the Main Caucasus Range. The observers also point out that the Georgian rockets and shells fell on sleeping civilians, which amounts to a serious war crime.

30 August 2008


Editor’s Note:

Yes, don’t forget how the war started. Saakashvili deliberately ordered his forces to fire an intense rocket barrage into the civilian districts of Tskhinvali, ensuring a maximum death toll amongst innocent civilians. If you support this baby-faced murderer, you support that. Bush, Cheney, Rice, and the neocons do… I would hope that you would reject such an enormity… or do you?


The Congress of Russian Americans Marks Its 35th Anniversary

A famous Russian-American, Vladimir Zvorykin (1889-1982), the inventor of television. He said of his invention, “I hate what they’ve done to my child… I would never let my own children watch it”.

The Congress of Russian Americans marks its 35th anniversary on Saturday. It is one of the oldest and most famous organisations of US citizens of Russian descent. A conference devoted to the anniversary will be held in Burlingame in California. The task of the congress is to preserve and enrich the Russian cultural heritage in the US and the protection of the interests of Americans of Russian origin.

30 August 2008


Russia has Already Supplied Most of South Ossetia’s Schools for the Start of the New Academic Year

Russia has already supplied most of South Ossetia’s schools for the start of the new academic year on Monday. Some 1,000 of approximately 4,000 South Ossetian students will be attending schools in the Russian republic of North Ossetia.

30 August 2008


Voice of Russia World Service

Russia’s Valuev Beats Ruiz to Claim WBA Title

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Nikolai Valuev (1973- ), regains the WBA heavyweight championship belt for Russia. Here, the champ signs autographs for the troops.

Russian boxer Nikolai Valuev beat American John Ruiz in Berlin to reclaim the WBA title. The judges’ decision to declare a Valuev victory at the Max Schmeling arena late on Saturday was unanimous. However, there was some initial confusion when the fight was at first declared, in what turned out to be a mix-up, a split decision. Valuev weighed in 40 kilogrammes (88.2 pounds) heavier than his Puerto Rican-American opponent. “It is great to have the title back and I am very happy about it”, said Valuev after the fight.

The seven-foot (2.13-meter) Valuev became Russia’s first world heavyweight champion in December 2005 when he defeated Ruiz. In April last year, he lost his title to Ruslan “White Tyson” Chagaev from Uzbekistan. Since then Chagaev has defended his title once, but, a torn Achilles tendon forced a delay in his mandatory challenge bout against Valuev. On 4 July, the WBA decided to sanction a match against the Russian’s closest contender, John Ruiz. Chagaev is currently what the WBA calls a “champion in recess,” and Valuev will now have to face Chagaev before 26 June 2009, if the Uzbek manages to get fighting fit by then.

31 August 2008



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