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Saturday, 3 January 2009

Ukrainian Nationalists Celebrated the Birthday of their Idol Stepan Bandera

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In Kiev, a meeting of Ukrainian OUN nationalist extremists. They are a group supported by some in the West. A picture IS worth a thousand words, no?

On Thursday, on the first day of the New Year, members of the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) marched with torches in the centre Kiev to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of Stepan Bandera, the founder of the OUN. Similar marches were held is some cities in the western part of the Ukraine. In late December, the Ukrainian parliament approved a decree of President Viktor Yushchenko on state holidays. Stepan Bandera’s birthday, celebrated on 1 January, was at the top of the list, despite the fact that he is responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of people, including Ukrainians, in the 1930s and 40s.

At the beginning of World War II, his OUN joined the German fascists in fighting the Soviet Red Army. After Germany surrendered, members of the OUN continued guerrilla warfare against the Soviet régime for 10 more years. Stepan Bandera, who fled to the West together with the remaining Nazi invaders, was, according to Western sources, shot dead with a cyanide gas gun by a KGB assassin, Bogdan Stashynsky, in Munich in 1959.

Today, the Ukrainian government is trying to make Bandera a national hero, saying that he fought against both the Nazis and the Red Army to liberate the Ukraine. Mr Yushchenko called Bandera a “symbol of the fight for independence of our native land”. A few monuments to Bandera have been erected in the Ukraine, and his biography is studied in school. However, experts outside the Ukraine call this an attempt to distort the history of World War II and whitewash the past of former Nazi supporters.

Konstantin Zatulin, the Director of the Institute for the CIS, commented, “Certainly, today, Ukrainian historians feel free to invent different stories to prove that it was possible to fight against Hitler and the Red Army at the same time. But, there was no third way during that war. We must admit that the real aim of the OUN was to oppose the struggle of the Soviet army against the Nazi invaders. The nationalists imposed their ideology on the people in the occupied territories. Thusly, all ‘foreigners’, Poles, Jews, or Russians, were treated like non-persons, and were potential victims of OUN terrorism. Therefore, that is why there will never be any compromise about the actions of Banderovtsy (a term for the OUN bandits: editor’s notes), and they do not merit a place in the history books”.

Russia opposes any attempts to whitewash the Nazi criminals and their collaborator accomplices in all forums. Therefore, the RF Gosduma formed a special working group, headed by Konstantin Zatulin, to issue a corresponding draft bill that would offer a legal basis to government policies aimed at opposing the distortion of the history of World War II and the casting of aspersions at the great victory of the anti-Hitler coalition.

2 January 2009

Vyacheslav Solovyov

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

It must be noted that most members of the Galician diaspora in the West are innocent of the crimes of their leadership. Most do not even know that the present-day government in the Ukraine glorifies Nazi war criminals and honours those who fought in the SS. That being said, it does not exculpate the actions of their Vatican-funded hierarchy and nationalist organisations organised by SS/UPA veterans (indeed, they are nothing but the Galician analogue of the ODESSA). This is sad in the extreme. One cannot hate the common folk, for they are misled, but, one must oppose “Ukrainian nationalism” with all one’s might, for decency must be stood for.



EU Reports Shortfalls in Russian Gas Deliveries

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Romania, Poland, and Hungary all reported shortfalls of up to 40 percent in Russian gas delivered through the Ukraine as the dispute between Kiev and Russian energy giant Gazprom intensified on Saturday. Russia cut off gas supplies to Ukraine on Thursday after last-ditch talks on Kiev’s outstanding 2 billion dollar (58.766 billion roubles. 1.438 billion euros. 1.377 billion UK pounds) gas debt and a new contract for 2009 failed late on New Year’s Eve. To compensate for the cut-off, Gazprom said it had increased shipments to European consumers. Ioan Rusu, the director of Romania’s state-run Transgaz, was cited by Reuters as saying, “Gas inflows from import fell by 30 to 40 percent…This is because of the Ukraine’s dispute with Russia”. Russia supplies Romania with around 65 percent of its gas. Poland and Hungary also reported slight shortfalls.

On Friday, the Polish gas monopoly PGNiG and pipeline operator Gaz-System said, “A decrease of 6 percent” was registered in gas deliveries via the Ukraine, but, added, that the shortfall was being made up by supplies through Belarus. Gazprom accused the Ukraine of stealing Russian gas destined for European consumers, a claim that the Ukraine’s Naftogaz denied. During an interview with the BBC, a Gazprom deputy CEO said that the Russian gas monopoly was prepared to meet the Ukrainian side to resolve the dispute. “We are ready to enter negotiations day and night”, Aleksandr Medvedev said. Speaking in English, Mr Medvedev said that the Ukraine was unreliable as a transit partner, “that’s why we believe it’s necessary to develop, as soon as possible, alternative transit routes”.

Russia is currently constructing two alternative pipelines, Nord Stream, a joint project with Germany to pump gas from Siberia to Europe under the Baltic Sea and the South Stream pipe which will pump gas to the Balkans and into Europe. On Thursday, the EU urged both sides to engage in further talks. “All existing commitments to supply and transit must be honoured”, the EU president, the Czech Republic, and the European Commission said in a joint statement. Frequent gas disputes between Moscow and Kiev raised concerns in Europe about the reliability of Russia as a supplier. 80 percent of Russian gas, a major source of revenue for Moscow, is transported over the Ukraine, bound for the EU. Europe buys a quarter of its gas needs from Gazprom.

3 January 2008



Editor’s Note:

Need you any further proof that the Ukraine is nothing but a lawless freebooter state? Note well that the American neocons (and Hilary Clinton) support this foolish pack of jackals. This is the sort of reckless behaviour that plunged America into economic crisis after the four-term misrule of Clinton and Bush. Truly, what was done on Wall Street was as brazen as the Ukrainian theft of gas. Do notice that both parties (Yushchenko and Wall Street) demand that they suffer no consequence for their actions… irresponsible children, no?

In this case, Yushchenko is putting a dagger at Europe’s throat. What more do you need to know that he is nothing but a mugger in a three-piece suit? God willing, the wheezy Ukrainian state is not long for this world. The peoples of the Ukraine deserve better.


Russia Guarantees Stable Deliveries of the “Blue Fuel” to Europe

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Moscow guaranteed stable gas deliveries to Europe and saw Kiev’s statements justifying its theft of Russian gas as irresponsible. This statement was made by the highest level of the Russian political and corporate leadership. As a result of this, political analysts and experts noted that the Ukraine ceased to be a reliable route for gas deliveries from Russia and the EU should respond to the move harshly. Amongst others, this viewpoint is shared by German political analyst Alexander Rahr.

He said, “If the Ukrainian side makes good its threats of stealing Russian gas meant for Europe, it will ruin its reputation as a reliable transit territory for Russian gas deliveries to the EU. Various suggestions have been made to the Ukraine, including the creation of a gas consortium between Russian, European, and Ukrainian companies, with a view to privatisation of the Ukraine’s gas network, which, in such case, could work reliably. All such suggestions have been snubbed”.

Konstantin Simonov, the President of the Russian National Energy Security Foundation, emphasised, “The Ukraine did not even pay for the gas that was pumped into its underground storage tanks. The gas presently stored in underground tanks in the Ukraine can last for 3.5 to 4 months. Kiev did not pay for those gas deliveries. Gazprom bought that gas from Asian countries and pumped it into underground storage tanks in the Ukraine. Truly, if the Ukraine began to use that gas, it would be theft”. Political scientist Vyacheslav Nikonov shared this point of view. He said, “No one behaves in such a way in decent society. Kiev will have to answer criticism from Europe, for it is stealing their gas”.

As for political analyst Gleb Pavlovsky, he said, “The Ukraine is using the forthcoming ‘gas war’ to prepare the ground for placing the guilt of the national default on Russia. This can bring political dividends to Kiev and give it a chance of getting financial support, for instance, from the United States. The moves of the Ukrainian authorities in the gas sector can be compared with the behavioural model used by Georgian President Mikhail Saakakshvili during the conflict in the Caucasus. That was an attempt to create a crisis fraught with unpredictable consequences, with a view to gaining victim-status; as for the Ukraine, it intends to bury its mistakes in a large-scale European energy crisis”.

Our VOR correspondent, Konstantin Garibov, the author of this present article, shared this point of view. “Clearly, against the background of the gas crisis, it is highly probable that the Ukraine will unleash a new political game against Russia in an attempt to place the burden of its problems on Moscow. This will be done by them in response to the demand from some quarters in the West for such a stratagem. Moreover, these same Western factions will intentionally ignore the fact that [Yushchenko’s] rating is the lowest-ever in the history of the Ukraine”.

1 January 2009

Konstantin Garibov

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

There one has it. The Galician Uniate nationalists show themselves in their true colours, as criminals and outlaws. Do not forget that Yushchenko has honoured Bandera and Shukhevich, who were both murderers and bandits. This small band of desperadoes and buccaneers must be put down for the good of European peace and morality; they do not reflect the true opinions or essence of the peoples living in the Ukraine. It is time for the curtain to fall on the tragicomedy of the “Ukrainian” successor-state. Simple morality and decency demand it. Do not forget that its ideological founders fought willingly for Nazi Germany and took a hearty and voluntary part in the Jewish Holocaust. Decent people must unite against this criminal state and the kleptocracy that rules it.

Yushchenko delenda est!


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