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Monday, 5 January 2009

Russia’s Most Successful Pop Artists

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The Turetsky Choir, the most successful Russian pop artists in 2008

Which Russian pop and rock artists were the most successful in 2008? This time, the list of stars featured both pop and rock artists, which indicates broad public tastes. Despite the current financial difficulties, live concerts are still popular amongst audiences. The year 2008 proved to be quite successful and profitable for the Russian music industry. However, analysts were displeased to see that the Top 10 Singers list did not change since the previous years. The names are almost the same, having attracted 18,000 to the audience for her concert at the Moscow-based Olympiysky Stadium, rock star Zemfira won the third place in the top list, whilst the “king of Russian pop” Filipp Kirkorov, who enjoyed an audience of more than 20,000 people during his concerts at the Moscow Operetta Theatre, came second in the list of most popular celebrities. Mikhail Turetsky’s male choir, known worldwide as “The Turetsky Choir”, occupied the leading position in all possible rating lists. More than 30,000 people bought up all the tickets within a few days to attend the choir’s four performances in Moscow. The organisers even had to announce an additional, fifth, concert to please the audience.

This is a hoot… the Turetsky Choir does Orthodox chant to a phone book listing… lighten up… God smiles at such, so should you.

“We have found our creative niche. We work hard to give no less than 100 concerts every year. Our fans are people of different nationalities, ages, and occupations, and our artistry pleases them all. They are part of our huge audience worldwide. We, for our part, offer an extensive concert repertoire consisting of rock and opera pieces, as well as Soviet-era hits and chanson, all arranged by our team. We invented a kind of an art-show where the voice comes first. Our artistry penetrates the souls of the listeners”, Mikhail Turetsky, the choir’s artistic director, said. The Turetsky Choir, Russia’s most successful singers in 2008, have already announced a new series of concerts in Moscow scheduled for March 2009.

2 January 2009

Tatiana Zavyalova

Voice of Russia World Service



Lacrymosa from the Mozart Requiem. sung by the Turetsky Choir.

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It would be a crime not to give you a sampling of the artistry of the Turetsky Choir after the article posted above. This proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Russia stands for the good, timeless, and moral, whilst America stands for nothing but opportunism and greed (the present economic crisis, which was self-inflicted, is proof positive of that). I shall be attacked for saying this, but, I must state things as I see them. Compare this to rappers and clod-kickers… ’nuff said.

Akh… Etot Vecher. Ah… This Evening. sung by the Turetsky Choir

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Here is a song from a popular Soviet-era film by the Turetsky Choir. Artistry incarnate, they are, and it proves that ordinary people respond to good music!

Ave Maria. sung by the Turetsky Choir.

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The piece requires no introduction. Reflect on the fact that these fellows are Russia’s most popular POP artists. Reflect on what passes for pop music in America and weep.

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