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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

A Picture is worth a Thousand Words Department… 7 January 2009


The above photograph is of a life-sized Christmas crèche outside a public school in… Moscow! If the same was done in Minneapolis or Boston, boy-oh-boy, the PC crowd would go to the courts and get an order to send out the cops to knock it down! Which country is the God-fearing country? Which country is waging a war against God? No non-Christian should fear devout Christians, for our faith teaches us not to attack others. Are there Christian nuts? Sure! Always has been, and, sadly, always will be! Wanna put the Menorah next to the crèche? No problem! See how simple it is?

Puts a new spin on Vova Putin as ruler, doesn’t it? Make mine Putin, straight-up and pure! Let’s lift a glass to a true Christian leader!

7 January 2009

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