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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

A Picture is worth a Thousand Words Department… 7 January 2009


The above photograph is of a life-sized Christmas crèche outside a public school in… Moscow! If the same was done in Minneapolis or Boston, boy-oh-boy, the PC crowd would go to the courts and get an order to send out the cops to knock it down! Which country is the God-fearing country? Which country is waging a war against God? No non-Christian should fear devout Christians, for our faith teaches us not to attack others. Are there Christian nuts? Sure! Always has been, and, sadly, always will be! Wanna put the Menorah next to the crèche? No problem! See how simple it is?

Puts a new spin on Vova Putin as ruler, doesn’t it? Make mine Putin, straight-up and pure! Let’s lift a glass to a true Christian leader!

7 January 2009

img_0001Vara Drezhlo

Albany NY

Merry Christmas! Christ is Born! Khristos Razhdayetsya! Glorify Him! Slavite Yego!

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Icon of the Nativity of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in the Flesh (St Andrei Rublyov, 15th century)

It’s here! Christmas, and all of the “Holy Days” until Epiphany on 19 January, Svyatki in Russian, have come and it’s time to party! It’s time for the goose, the kholodets, and the kolbasi. Let’s lift a glass to the holiday, won’t we? s Rozhdestvom Khristovym! To Christmas!

No long faces, hear…

My wishes for a mery and jolly Christmas holiday go out to all! We’re stuck home by the weather (there is an ice storm here on the east coast), but, the day is still the day, and we intend to mark it WELL.

Of course, the illustration is the classic icon by St Andrei Rublyov. Nothing but the best shall do…

In short, SMILE! It’s our Lord’s birthday and we should act accordingly.

Bog blagoslovit!

May God bless!

Nicky and Vara

Wednesday 7 January 2009

Orthodox Christmas

Albany NY USA

Moscow Clubs Arrange “Folk Christmas”

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Folk-singer Pelageya Khanova

Organisers told RIA-Novosti that clubs shall celebrate Christmas by presenting concerts of folk music on 7 January. At the club “B1 Maximum”, the singer Pelageya will appear with her back-up band, which has the good tradition of playing “Christmas Concerts” on the capital’s stages.  “If you are tired after a week of holidays, if you are weary after Christmas eve spent at services, you, the grateful connoisseurs of this art, would be pleased to find this novel New Year’s tradition”, the organisers said. The voice of the “Princess of Russian folk”, as the critics and her fans have nicknamed her, “is itself a gift”, but, Pelageya prepared another surprise for her admirers, the first presentation of a DVD by her group, at the concert on 7 January. The disc shall have a recording of the programme Siberian Drive, which was presented with great fanfare this spring in Moscow and St Petersburg.

In its turn, the club Ikra invited everyone to a Christmas presentation by Alina Orlova, a young red-headed girl from Lithuania, who performs touching, almost transparent, psycho-folkloric songs, mostly in Lithuanian. “The impact on he listeners of the mysterious and sensual lullabies of Alina is impossible to describe, when they hear her vocal range, seeing this fragile, incredibly charming, girl at the piano, is as if one is returning to the time of his first love”, a representatives of the club said. This is not the first time that Ms Orlova has been in the capital; she has consistently been collecting notices, for the glory of the young singer rushes ahead of her on the World Wide Web. In the blogosphere, there is already a fan club on Runet, and amateur videos of her appearances on Youtube are viewed by tens of thousands of Internet users.

Club “B2” also invited the public to its Christmas concert, featuring a group with much Internet exposure, The Musical Team of Peter Nalich, which “exploded” in the past year with the Runet clip Gitar, becoming a leader in the number of hits on Youtube. Subsequently, the appearances of the artist only consolidated this success, for they broke all records for rapidity of the sale of tickets. Recently, the Music Team of Peter Nalich made the presentation of its début album, The Joy of Simple Melodies, and songs from it shall be included at the concert.

7 January 2009



Alina Orlova Live in Kaunas.

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Let’s kick off this selction of the artists in the above piece with a little item by Alina Orlova.

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