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Friday, 9 January 2009

The Criminal Investigation into the Deaths of the Romanov Family in 1918 shall be Closed on 15 January 2009


RIA-Novosti has learned that the criminal investigation into the death of the Romanov family in 1918, which was reopened after the discovery of the remains of Grand Princess Maria and Tsarevich Aleksei by archaeologists in the Urals in the summer of 2007, is scheduled to be closed on 15 January, according to Vladimir Solovyov, a senior inspector specialising in major cases for the Office of the RF General Procurator. “On 15 January, the case will be closed. I extended the deadline until 15 January. If some unexpected contingency occurs, for example, someone comes forward with new evidence that completely refutes the thesis that these remains are those of the Romanov family, the investigation will continue. But, at the present moment, I see are no hidden complications. To us, everything was clear quite some time ago”, Mr Solovyov said.

In early 1991, the office of the local procurator made the first statement that there was a discovery of human remains with signs of violent death, and, in 1993, the Office of the RF General Procurator opened an investigation, that is, it was, in fact, a criminal case. The remains of the members of the imperial family, who were shot by the Bolsheviks during the night of 17/18 July 1918 in Yekaterinburg, were discovered in 1991 in a pit at Ganina Yama. After three DNA examinations were conducted, in 1993 in the UK, in 1995 in the USA, and in 1997 in Russia, a special commission concluded that the remains found were, indeed, the remains of the Romanov family. It was decided to transfer the remains to St Petersburg to bury them in the imperial crypt at the Petropavlovsk Cathedral. The criminal case was closed.

Not far from the first burial site, in the area of the old Koptyakovskoy Road near Yekaterinburg, a second burial site was found on 29 July 2007. DNA examination confirmed the fact that the remains found at the second burial site were those of Grand Princess Maria and Tsarevich Aleksei, two of the children of the last Russian tsar, Nikolai II.

9 January 2009



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