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Monday, 12 January 2009

Gazprom said Kiev Signed a Gas Transit Deal, Dropping Earlier Conditions


Energy Minister Igor Sechin (1960- ) (left) with President Dmitri Medvedev (1965- ) (right)

The Ukraine signed a deal on monitoring Russian natural gas transits to Europe, removing its earlier conditions, Russian energy giant Gazprom said on Monday. “A Gazprom delegation held talks in Kiev this morning”, the company said in a statement. “The Ukraine signed the regulations for the monitoring of natural gas transits via Ukraine without any conditions”.

On Sunday, President Dmitri Medvedev said that a three-party deal to resume Russian gas supplies to the EU via the Ukraine was not valid as Kiev added its own amendments to it. Medvedev described the amendments as “a mockery of common sense”. On Monday, a Russian government official said that Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin, Energy Minister Sergei Shmatko, and senior Gazprom officials, led by CEO Aleksei Miller, were going to Brussels for talks on the gas dispute. Energy ministers from the 27 EU member-states will hold an emergency meeting later on Monday to discuss the crisis over disrupted Russian gas deliveries.

Supplies have been cut off for almost a week as Russia accused the Ukraine of siphoning off gas bound for Europe. Moscow said it would restore supplies when the monitoring deal was signed by all the sides and monitors are in place. The two countries failed to resolve their dispute over payments for Russian gas before New Year, and Russia cut off shipments to the Ukraine on 1 January, which led within days to a complete halt in gas transit to Europe.

12 January 2009



Editor’s Note:

What unmitigated gall the Orangies possess in spades! They expect discounts from Russia without offering any quid pro quo in return. In addition, they have no intention of paying their back arrears to Gazprom unless they are forced. Certainly, there is blackmail here, but, not on the part of Russia! Do not forget that the ideological godfathers of the Orangies (and the whole Galician Uniate nationalist cabal) are Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevich, both of whom were convicted murderers and Nazi collaborators.

Indeed, there is no equivalence between Russia, a true nation-state, and the Ukraine, which is a jumped-up fraud. There was no Ukrainian statehood prior to 1991, and the entire area of “Ukrainian” settlement is nothing other than the area of Russia that fell under the occupation of the Polish Commonwealth in the late Middle Ages. In fact, a great deal of what is passed in the media and open-source outlets such as Wikipedia (and OrthoWiki) is nothing but nationalist propaganda. For instance, the so-called “Ukrainian Catholic Church” was not called such prior to 1946. I remember holding in my hands an official publication of the Congregation for the Eastern Rites published in that year covering all of the Roman Catholic “Eastern Rites”. It made the point that there was a Ritus Rutheniensis (Ruthenian Rite), with no mention of a “Ukrainian Rite” at all. In short, most Ukrainian nationalist propaganda has absolutely no basis in fact, and all decent people must refute it. Russia stands for the right here, and must be supported.


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