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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Medvedev Demands that the Ukraine Pay Russia 1.1 Billion USD for Lost Gas


President Dmitri Medvedev (1965- )

President Dmitri Medvedev demanded that the Ukraine should pay 1.1 billion dollars (34.998 billion roubles. 839 million euros. 754 million UK pounds) to Gazprom to compensate it for lost contracts with Europe because of interrupted transit. During his meeting with the president, the head of Gazprom, Aleksei Miller, said that the sum represented the funds that the company did not receive, but, was entitled to, since 1 January. President Medvedev said that Russia could not loose such a large sum of money. He added that an end had come to the free ride for the Ukrainians, and that money should be collected from those responsible for wrongdoing. In his opinion, experts and lawyers should calculate the losses and make a protocol.

Mr Miller said that his company received from the Ukrainian Naftogaz concern a draft agreement on conditions of Russian gas transit via the Ukraine. Under the draft, Russia should deliver to the Ukraine free of charge some 360 million cubic meters of gas in January, 600 million cubic meters in February, and the same amount in March. Mr Miller said that his company actually received a suggestion that it should make a present of 700 million* dollars (22.271 billion roubles. 533.74 million euros. 479.81 million UK pounds) to Naftogaz for the resumption of gas transit. He added that the Ukraine possesses all technical means necessary to resume gas pumping. President Medvedev entrusted the head of Gazprom to keep in close touch with his Ukrainian colleagues and other participants in the matter of gas transit and do all he can to shortly resume gas transit on conditions acceptable to Russia.

14 January 2009

Voice of Russia World Service


* The original has 700 BILLION dollars, but, I believe that to be a typographical error. However, it is believable that the Ukrainian bandits would demand 700 MILLION dollars in graft (unfortunate, but, true).

Editor’s Note:

Looks like the Orangies are looking for a free lunch! Don’t they know it doesn’t exist? However, look for this crisis to end by 20 January. Why? The Bushies will leave Foggy Bottom and the White House, and Yushchenko shall lose some of his loudest supporters in the USA. In any case, his economy is poised on a knife-edge, and, as one of the Ukrainian leaders said, “We are headed for an economic tsunami”. My heart breaks for all the simple people in the Ukraine who are suffering due to the posturing of the Orangies, their neocon supporters in the US and UK, and the loud Galician Uniate amen corner in the diaspora. No one gives a tinker’s damn about them, especially not Yushchenko and his cronies. May God see and judge!


The Memory of Patriarch Aleksei was Honoured in Tallinn


Patriarch Aleksei Rediger of Moscow and all the Russias (1929-2008), may his memory be eternal!

On Tuesday, a Pannikhida on the fortieth day after the death of Patriarch Aleksei was held in Tallinn at the Cathedral of St Aleksandr Nevsky Cathedral. Patriarch Aleksei Rediger of Moscow and all the Russias, who headed the Moscow Patriarchate for more than 18 years, died on 5 December 2008 in his eightieth year. The Pannikhida was served by clergy headed by Metropolitan Kornely Yakobs of Tallinn and all Estonia, and it was attended by representatives of the Foundation of St Andrew the First-Called, headed by its president, Sergei Shcheblygin, as well as Russian Ambassador to Estonia Nikolai Uspensky.

The guests from Russia visited the graves of the parents of Patriarch Aleksei, which are located in the cemetery of St Aleksandr Nevsky, laid a wreath at the monument to Soldier-Liberator (the “Bronze Soldier”) at a military cemetery, and watched the construction of an Orthodox church in the Tallinn area community of Lasnamäe. In the autumn of 2003, Patriarch Aleksei visited Estonia and blessed the cornerstone on the grounds of the future church-building. The main sacred object of the planned cathedral would be a miraculous icon of the Mother of God, “She Who is Quick to Hear”. On 7 January, the Tallinn City Administration approved a decision to name the area before the new church, calling it Patriarch Aleksei Square. Mr Shcheblygin, speaking for the Foundation of St Andrew the First-Called, told journalists that after the delegation returns to Moscow, the Foundation will consider providing financial support for the construction of the cathedral. “After we return from this trip, we will, once again, put the issue before the Stewardship Council on the need for this assistance. if our economic situation allows it, we will be happy to take part in the construction”, he said.

Patriarch Aleksei (Aleksei Mikhailovich Rediger) was born in 1929 in Tallinn in the family of a priest. In 1950, he graduated from the seminary in Leningrad and was ordained to the rank of priest. In 1953, he graduated from Leningrad Theological Academy with the degree of candidate of theology, in 1961, he was consecrated the Bishop of Tallinn, in 1964, he became an archbishop, and, in 1968, he became the Metropolitan of Tallinn and all Estonia. Since 1990, Patriarch Aleksei was the First Hierarch of the Patriarchate of Moscow and all Russia.

14 January 2009

Nikolai Adashkevich



Editor’s Note:

In connection with this story, one must be clear on which Estonian Church was offering prayers for His Holiness. There are two Orthodox bodies in Estonia, one, under the MP, is canonical and recognised by world Orthodoxy. The other is a renegade body organised by the EP merely to steal property and money in Estonia (it proposes to RENT church properties to the MP with the connivance of the Estonian nationalists), it is considered uncanonical, and it is recognised only by the EP (thus, placing it outside the pale of the Orthodox pleroma). The MP body is by far the larger, and this is a clear warning to all that the EP believes it has the right to interfere on the canonical territory of any Local Church (as it has proven in the USA and Britain, by the way).

Kaufft nicht bei Bartholomew!


Gazprom says that Kiev Refuses to Accept Russian Gas Intended for European Customers


For a second day, the Ukrainian national energy company Naftogaz refused to accept Russian gas due to be transited to Europe, Russia’s gas monopoly Gazprom said on Wednesday. Gazprom said it submitted another application with Naftogaz on Wednesday for the transit of 98.8 million cubic metres of gas, including 13.9 million intended for Moldova, 62.7 billion for the Balkan states, and 22.2 million for Slovakia. Russia, which has accused the Ukraine of tapping gas bound for Europe, resumed shipments after a weeklong cut-off on Tuesday after a team led by EU monitors was deployed at gas metering stations in the Ukraine. However, Gazprom later said that Kiev was blocking the gas shipments.

The monopoly said on Wednesday it had requested that gas be transited via the Sudzha entry point on the Russian border, an export pipeline with direct access to the nations affected by the dispute, including Bulgaria, Romania, and Turkey. Gazprom also said that Naftogaz was demanding that the gas be sent via other transit stations, used mainly for gas intended for Ukraine’s domestic use, and that they receive 140 million cubic metres in order to be able to resume supplies. The Ukraine claimed that Russia has not provided enough “technical gas” necessary to maintain pipeline pressure and pump the required volumes to Europe. Kiev also said that Moscow had demanded a complicated transit route be used that would force Ukraine to cut its domestic supplies.

“Naftogaz’s repeated refusals demonstrate that the Ukraine is unable to replenish the gas reserves it has siphoned off and resume transits. Gazprom is prepared to restart supplies for European consumers at any moment”, a spokesman for the Russian energy giant said. On Wednesday, the Naftogaz chief rejected Russia’s claims that the Ukraine had illegally siphoned off its gas, saying the company had transited 1.2 billion cubic meters of gas to Moldova. Oleg Dubyna also said gas transits were “technically” not possible at the moment. “We cannot reactivate the [transit] network for such insignificant amounts [of gas] and for an indefinite time”, Mr Dubyna said, urging a provisional agreement with Russia that stipulated transit volumes and routes.

Yuri Prodan, the Ukrainian energy minister, urged EU officials on Wednesday to pressure Moscow over the delays in transits. European Commission President José Manuel Barroso was reported to have called the crisis “unacceptable and incredible” and warned the EU could advise energy firms to sue Russian and Ukrainian energy companies unless gas supplies were restored quickly. The crisis has hit about 20 EU countries in the height of winter, forcing them to close schools, factories and leaving householders without heating. The prime ministers of Slovakia, which has said it could reactivate its aging nuclear power plant to make up for the shortfalls in energy supplies, Bulgaria, and Moldova are due to meet with their Russian counterpart in Moscow on Wednesday to discuss the situation. Russia cut off gas supplies to the Ukraine on 1 January after talks on debt and a gas price for 2009 broke down. On 7 January, Moscow cut off shipments to Europe, accusing the Ukraine of siphoning off gas in transit for European consumers.

Gazprom’s deputy CEO, Aleksandr Medvedev, called the Ukraine’s behaviour in the dispute “unbelievable” and suggested that the United States could be behind the row. “It looks like the entire musical show underway in the Ukraine is being orchestrated from outside the country”, he said. US State Department spokesman Sean McCormack rejected the claim as “totally without foundation”. On Wednesday a popular Russian newspaper said that under a cooperation agreement Kiev and Washington signed in December, the US would modernise Ukraine’s crumbling transit pipelines and could receive control of the vast network. “This may explain Kiev’s ‘bravery'”, in the dispute, Izvestiya said. The paper also said, “America could well use the current tensions in the Ukraine as a pretext for one of its campaigns ‘to protect democracy'”. In his turn, Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko accused Russia of using the dispute to try to seize control of the Ukraine’s pipelines.

14 January 2009



Editor’s Note:

I believe that Izvestiya is correct in its assessment. GWB is desperate to “leave a legacy”, Condoleezza Rice is an evil woman without any scruples whatsoever, and the neocons wish to leave a mess for Barack Obama. Reflect on the fact that Yushchenko has a favourability rating of 2.4 percent. 2.4 percent! Even GWB has done better in that regard.

The Galician Uniate nationalist extremists are shown for what they are, truly and without equivocation. They are a pack of Baron Munchausens without regard for the truth, for others, or, for that matter, the peoples of the Ukraine (who are mostly NOT Ukrainian, they are the victims of Soviet internal boundaries that did not reflect ethnic realities).

This sounds eerily similar to the situation in August, when Georgia started its invasion of South Ossetia with an indiscriminate Grad bombardment of sleeping civilians. The US backed that, as well, and, indeed, signed a “strategic partnership agreement” with Saakashvili recently. As for Mr McCormack’s denials, do remember that he is part of the same gang that touted Iraqi WMDs… Methinks the maiden doth protesteth TOO much.

Aren’t you glad that John McCain and feckless Mizz Sarah weren’t elected last November? They are amongst the select group of people stupider than Viktor Yushchenko. I shudder to think what would have happened. Thank the good God, the world was spared that, at the least.


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