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Saturday, 24 January 2009

Жанна Бичевская. Святым Царственным мученикам. Zhanna Bichevskaya. The Holy Royal Martyrs.

The inimitable Zhanna Bichevskaya sings about the Holy Royal Martyrs. Recently, the Golden Eagles (the Russian equivalent of the Oscars) were handed out, and one of the winners was Konstantin Khabensky, who received the Best Actor Award for his starring role in Admiral, a film on the life of Admiral Aleksandr Kolchak, one of the White leaders in the Civil War. Russians are re-evaluating the history of the Civil War, and they are coming up with conclusions radically different to those held by the lock-step ranks of Western academe.

Today, Russians honour the memory of the Whites and revere the Royal Martyrs, as well they should. In contrast, Western pseudo-intellectuals mindlessly spout Bolshevik propaganda (as is shown by the way they worship the Spanish Red Republicans in their treatment of the Spanish Civil War, as well) and try to pass this twaddle on to their students. Thank God, the students simply spout back to the profs what they wish to hear, and concentrate on the serious business of passing exams, partying, and forming contacts for their future lives.

I would remind Russian Orthodox people in America that one of our seminaries is not part of the leftist academic La Brea Tar Pit and one is in the Tar Pit up to its neck. In short, support St Tikhon’s in South Canaan PA to the best of your ability and simply let St Vlad’s rot on the vine (don’t waste your breath attacking them, they shan’t listen… they attend to the voice of their Episcopalian friends at General Theological, not other Orthodox Christians, I am afraid).

Revere the Holy Martyrs by your actions. Let’s see, St Tikhon’s was founded with the encouragement of Tsar St Nikolai, St Vlad’s was founded (in essence, in its present form) by the pseudo-intellectual windbag Schmemann. Let your money do the talking…


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