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Thursday, 29 January 2009

Prime Minister Putin Presents Measures to Overcome the Current Economic Crisis


This Voice of Russia multimedia presentation focuses on the speech given by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin at the Davos Economic Forum. Click on the URL below, then click on the image of Prime Minister Putin (the same as the image above) or on the blue words to the right of the image. Both methods shall get you to the presentation.




Russian Businessman Funds Pro-God Ad Campaign on London Buses


On Thursday, a Russian TV producer said on he was launching a “There is God” advertising campaign in London to counter atheist posters displayed on buses in January. Posters reading, “There is God. Don’t Worry. Enjoy your life!” will appear on London buses in March, said Aleksandr Korobko, the head of the London-based Russian Hour satellite TV channel. A campaign organised by the British Humanist Association (BHA), which has raised 140,000 UK pounds (199,261 USD. 7.003 million roubles. 154,346 euros) instead of the planned 5,500 UK pounds (7,878 USD. 275,128 roubles. 6,064 euros), put slogans reading, “There’s probably no God. Now, stop worrying, and enjoy your life” on 800 buses. The campaign drew protests from religious organisations and believers, but, advertising regulators said it was not in conflict with legislation.

“Who said faith in God does not allow us to enjoy life?” Mr Korobko said, describing how his surprise at the posters eventually evolved into an alternative campaign. Mr Korobko said that his channel had signed a contract with CBS Outdoor to put “There is God” posters on 25 London double-deckers from 9 March. The posters will have photographs of a Russian monastery on them. He said that he had discussed the idea with Russian Orthodox Church officials in London and Moscow and they approved the project. “We are living in difficult times, when crisis is being extensively ‘promoted’… people need a life-asserting message”, he said, adding the campaign was financed by the channel.

Speaking ahead of the atheist campaign, BHA chief executive Hanne Stinson told the BBC, “We see so many posters advertising salvation through Jesus or threatening us with eternal damnation, that I feel sure that a bus advert like this will be welcomed as a breath of fresh air. If it raises a smile as well as making people think, so much the better”, she said.

29 January 2009



Russian Orlyonok Children’s Centre to Aid the Crisis-Hit Artek International Children’s Centre in the Ukraine


Artek International Children’s Centre… one can see why Yushchenko wanted to sell it to greedy developers… by God; he makes Bush and Cheney look prudent and honest in comparison!

On Thursday, the Orlyonok (Eaglet) Children’s Centre in Russia, a former Soviet-era pioneer camp, said on it would donate one-day’s proceeds to the cash-strapped Artek International Children’s Centre in the Crimea in the Ukraine. “We heard that Artek is going through tough times, and that their staff, who are our colleagues, have been scraping by without a salary since last autumn, so, we decided to help our friends”, a spokesman quoted the centre’s General Director Aleksandr Djeus as saying. “Funds from Orlyonok will be soon transferred to Artek’s account”, the spokesman said.

Located in the southern Crimea not far from Yalta, Artek is famous as the main Soviet-era pioneer camp. It took children in year-round since the 1930s, and even carried on working during World War II, when the centre moved to the Altai. In 1983, the camp was visited by US peacemaker Samantha Smith. The camp remained a unique international meeting place for children of all ages from all over the former Soviet Union and other countries after the break-up of the USSR when it fell under Ukrainian jurisdiction, but, it closed in January 2009 due to a lack of funds. It is currently supervised by the Ukrainian Presidential Property Management Committee. The Russian analogue of Artek, Orlyonok (Eaglet), was established in 1960 and it is located on the Black Sea coast near the town of Tuapse. Today, it is the main children’s centre in Russia. “Orlyonok and Artek have much in common. Artek is 30 years older than Orlyonok, so, that is why, when the educational system was being established, Orlyonok’s children learned from Artek’s children and always considered Artek as their elder brother”, the spokesman said.

On Wednesday, Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko instructed Ukrainian Prime Minister Yuliya Timoshenko to look into and take urgent measures to prevent the possible closure of Artek. During a video link between Kiev and Moscow devoted to the problem, Artek’s chief doctor, Mikhail Bezugly, blamed speculators for orchestrating its financial woes.  He said they plan to take over the centre’s land, which is valued at some 100,000 dollars (3.514 million roubles. 77,417 euros. 70,220 UK  pounds) per 100 square metres. Boris Novozhilov, the General Director of the Artek Centre, said in Kiev on 16 January that the facility could cease to exist within a year as the government had not provided any funding for the former Soviet recreation camp for three years. Mr Novozhilov announced a hunger strike on 19 January, and he was hospitalised with heart problems on Monday.

29 January 2009



Editor’s Note:

First, Yushchenko stripped weapons from active units of the Ukrainian forces, sold them to the warmongering Saakashvili, and pocketed the cash. Then, he orchestrated the gas crisis in early January. Now, he has been caught trying to sell a venerable children’s centre to greedy developers, no doubt intending to pocket the vig. The Right Honourable Bugs Bunny would say, “What a maroon!” Let’s be honest… this fellow makes Dick Daley look like a Sunday School Superintendent (don’t forget… Yushchenko’s wife is from Chicago… is there something in the water there?). By God, he makes Blago look HONEST… and that’s saying a lot! What we need is for the Right Honourable Gentlepig from Warners to say, “That’s all, folks!” Why must the people of the Ukraine suffer needless pain and sorrow due to harebrained nationalistic pipedreams? Pray for them… they deserve better.


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