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Sunday, 15 February 2009

Global Crisis Fuels Anti-Semitic Incidents in Europe

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Anti-Semitism is no laughing matter

The global economic crisis fuelled anti-Semitic incidents across Europe, with the leaders of Germany’s Jewish community saying that not a single week goes by without Jewish cemeteries being vandalised. The situation in Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Greece, and Britain is not much better either. Just a week ago, some goons hurled stones at a local rabbi in the Jewish quarter of Prague. However, they ended up being thrashed by the rav. He happened to be a former martial-arts instruction in the Israeli Army and handed three of them over to the Czech police.

But, the happy ending to this incident does not mitigate the sharp problem involved in a noticeable increase in European anti-Semitism. According to a recent study, this was provoked by the current global economic crisis, which has revived hoary old myths of an international Zionist conspiracy. One-third of Europeans place full responsibility for the new Great Depression on the international Jewish community and 40 percent would not mind if Jewish businessmen were kicked out of global financial markets.

In Moscow, Aleksei Mukhin, the Director of the Centre for Political Information said, “It is sad, but it looks like the much toted tolerance of Europeans proved to be a mere declaration. During times of crisis, Europeans often tend to blame everything on certain social and ethnic groups. Anti-Semitic attitudes in Europe are deeply rooted. This is manifested in the opinions voiced in the pages of the various newspapers. One must say that even though serious newspapers try to downplay the issue, the gutter press likes to chew on the so-called ‘Jewish Threat’, especially in the financial sphere, readily quoting all kinds of self-proclaimed experts. Stereotypical attitudes are still widespread in European society, so, the financial crisis provoked anti-Semitic incidents”.

Experts do not consider that this increase in xenophobia is unprecedented. Firstly, historically, anti-Semitism in Europe has always been strong. Secondly, the Jews were used as an “external enemy”, when people, especially poorly-educated ones, decided to act out their bigotry against those who they see as an outside enemy, be it someone living next door, the Jewish State, or any other social or ethic group, especially those who are more successful than the indigenous population. These sudden spikes of hatred are all the more dangerous in countries long proud of their deep-seated traditions of tolerance and democratic values. The apparent calm usually erupts into anti-Semitic incidents and pogroms, at which point, the situation is out of control.

14 February 2009

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Editor’s Note:

Good-oh… the rav thrashed the thugs! THAT is what they deserve, nothing more, nothing less. We need less PC posturing and “hate-speech” codes and more righteous squashing of the more feral elements. I think that every decent person would agree with this. I say again, kudos for the rav! He did RIGHT! Kudos for the judo? Don’t laugh… the rav is listening (May I pour you a drink, rav? You did well!)!


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