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Sunday, 20 September 2009

The Inmates are Running the Asylum…



Light a candle… pray that the right decision is taken in this… if not, God have mercy on us all!


A piece of information has come my way that I must pass on promptly… it cannot wait for the completion of my major project. It is sad, very sad, indeed. In fact, if nothing is done concerning this affair, all decent and prudent individuals must come to the conclusion that Jonas Paffhausen is a dangerous and reckless fanatic, who must be stopped at all costs.

Here is the quote:

At their Diocesan Assembly meeting held last Friday, September 11th, the OCA’s Diocese of Washington elected Fr Raymond Velencia as the clergy delegate to the Metropolitan Council. The pastor of St Matthew’s parish in Columbia, MD, Fr Velencia attracted national attention two years ago when he sent a letter to the Synod, Metropolitan Council and OCANews.org (read that story here) concerning a former parishioner, Ms Kristine Koumentakos.  While the OCA has been dismissed from the subsequent lawsuit brought by Ms Koumentakos, litigation involving Fr Velencia continues.


Whatever one may think of Mr Stokoe’s theological opinions (and they can be quite “interesting”, to say the least), his reporting on factual events in the Church is generally spot-on. This news is very disturbing.

Jonas Paffhausen has a clear choice here. He can accept Mr Velencia’s election, in which case he approves of Mr Velencia’s abuse of confessional and counselling confidentiality. Alternatively, he could reject this imprudent choice… which is what one hopes that he does. This is “make-or-break” for the reputation of Rev Paffhausen… if he fails this test, good and faithful Orthodox Christians have no alternative but to oppose him with all their might.

To reiterate, Raymond Velencia spread confidences that were told to him in confession and/or counselling in an open e-mail to all the members of the so-called Metropolitan Council. If the Church does not take a clear and positive stand opposing such evil nonsense, no one shall trust the confidentiality of anything told to a priest in private. If such occurs, the Church shall suffer grievously.

Quo vadis, Jonas Paffhausen?

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Sunday 20 September 2009

Albany NY

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