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Monday, 28 September 2009

Shall You Do This For Kristi… “If Not Me and You, Then, Who?”


If not me and you, then, who? If we’re supine and silent… we deserve what we get! Get riled and get movin’. It’s how all the crises in the Church were solved… the good people amongst the faithful got up and were counted. We should do likewise! Kristine sent me the following in an e-mail. She’s not only angry (understandably), but she’s right to point up that the priest involved has never suffered even censure from the OCA hierarchy.



St Matthew Orthodox Church in the Kings Contrivance Village Center of Columbia MD is having a festival 3-4 October 2009. The proceeds benefit their church building fund. The presiding priest of the parish, Fr Raymond Velencia, has been sued by a former parishioner for abusing the seal of confession and discriminating against her in the workplace, among other things. Fr Velencia has yet to be disciplined by his superiors. DO NOT attend or support this event in any manner. DO NOT share personal information with this priest. Go to pokrov.org and put the priest’s name in the search box or Google “Fr Raymond Velencia” to read for yourself.


Personal e-mail communication from Kristine Koumentakos of Monday 28 September 2009


DO pass this information on to as many people as you, even if they live far away from this event. It tells us volumes about Jonas Paffhausen… who’s probably going to be attending this event. In confidence, and with full trust in the veracity of my assertion, I, now, can state with sad clearness that Jonas Paffhausen is definitely and obviously NOT in favour of the traditional confidentiality of confession and counselling, as he has never criticised or censured Raymond Velencia. No member of the OCA Synod of Bishops has ever criticised or censured Raymond Velencia. No member of the OCA Metropolitan Council has ever criticised or censured Raymond Velencia in a public manner. No priest or deacon of the OCA has refused to serve with Raymond Velencia.

This is reprehensible. It tells us much concerning Mr Paffhausen, none of it good. I had a recent telephone chat with Matushka Nina Stroyen, the widow of Fr Basil Stroyen, one of the most influential Metropolia priests of the 60s through the 80s. I agree completely with one of her statements, which was that Herman Swaiko might have been an embarrassment and self-centred, but that he was Orthodox to the core. In comparison, Mr Paffhausen isn’t Orthodox, rather, she stated that he’s a cult-like figure; she made it clear that he was nothing but a HOOMie (I’d say that he’s a “HOOMie in Orthodox drag”).



We must do it for the good of the Church and the good name of the Lord Christ. Otherwise, we’ve no right to call ourselves Russian Orthodox Christians.

Kristine, don’t lose heart… there are thousands with you. This is an egregious and flagrantly offensive transgression of what the Church stands for. God shall not be mocked, although there is a long and painful road ahead of us before we can slay this particular dragon. It shall be difficult, and we haven’t seen a tithe of the bitterness and strife that shall come of this. Christ drank the cup to the dregs… St Innokenty asked us, “Shall you swallow a kopeck’s worth?” Indeed… shall we?

img_0001Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 28 September 2009

Albany NY


Because of the nature of the current events in the Church, my attention has been focused solely on internal Church matters. I do NOT apologise for this, as it’s a matter of duty. All of us, together, have an obligation to find the truth, and, if need be, remove those who are obstructing it. To be blunt, Jonas Paffhausen is steering the Church away from good order and traditional governance. We must do everything that we can to remove this evil man before he does more damage. God have mercy on us all!


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