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Monday, 5 October 2009

Barcode Orthodoxy versus Lived Orthodoxy… the Main Event

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A row of McMansions… the perfect metaphor for the twisted ideas and ideals of the crowd in Syosset and Englewood Cliffs… it so totally fits their chosen surroundings, doesn’t it?

Last Saturday, Nicky and I were motoring north towards Saratoga, and we passed through several new suburban “developments”. Well… we’ve all seen those cheesy monstrosities known as “McMansions”. Gaudy, over-decorated, in abysmally poor taste (if there is any taste shown at all)… if one notices, they are ALWAYS built close to the road, not only for the sake of cheapness (less land is required for the house-lot), but, so that the passing public can see the construction and fawn over it. Nicky and I have stock phrases for such offences against good-taste, such as, “There’s another chiropractor’s house!” “No, there are too many pillars in front. It’s gotta be a shyster lawyer in there”. One wonders what the McMansion of the senior partner of the law firm that is on retainer to the OCA looks like… they’ve gotten enough money from the Iliff and Koumentakos cases, not to mention the Sidebottom case and all the other legal agreements that have been signed over the years. With the sum of money that has come from so many brushes with the courts, why, a monument to crassness and biliousness could be built!

The McMansion… need I say more? Would you trust anyone who lusts to live in such a house?

There is “Barcode Orthodoxy”… a monstrosity built upon the godless Americanist consumerist mentality. It finds its home in such havens of the affluent effluent as Syosset on the Island and Englewood Cliffs in Jersey (both are considered amongst the most vulgar, amoral, boorish, and debauched suburbs of NYC, only Manhasset and the Hamptons are worse). These are people who use lawyers to issue forth Newspeak of the most disgusting and perverted character. Birds of a feather DO flock together.

The Mayfield Volunteer Fire Department… people you can TRUST!

Opposed to this is “Lived Orthodoxy”… this is a much more modest and humble enterprise. One finds it in Mayfield PA or in Toledo OH… it is found in the simple homes of common folk, those not considered “important” by society. Yet, the streets are clean, the houses are well-kept, often, there is a garden in the backyard… these are people who mean what they say and say what they mean. You DO have a choice in what you favour… shall it be Syosset and Englewood Cliffs… or, shall it be Mayfield and Toledo? Hmm…

The Ford Focus… the chosen car of the ecologically-aware and socially-conscious… it has been seen in Syosset and Englewood Cliffs.

Barcode Orthodox are Politically Correct and show their support for all the “Correct Causes”. They are Goodthinkers who drive Ford Focuses.

A drag-racin’ funny car… put the pedal to the metal! It has been seen in garages in Mayfield and Toledo… are you gonna mess with someone who drives THIS?

Lived Orthodox are direct and straightforward… they don’t know what the latest PC cant is, and wouldn’t pay attention to it if they did. They are Good Ol’ Boys who drive hot rods that are barely street-legal (they had Wally the Mexican from down the street fix the front-end so that it jumps up and down… pretty neat, huh?).

The Osmonds… the Ideal of the Barcode Orthodox… niceness trumps everything!

If there is one thing that Barcode Orthodox harp upon, it is “niceness”. Mind you, not “goodness”… merely adherence to procedure and superficial smiles (see Igor Burdikoff or Lyonyo Kishkovsky for illustrations of such… or look at the goofy photograph that JP circulated of himself with the wide (and insincere) smile). Everyone is happy… everyone is “well-adjusted” (whatever that means)… everyone smiles and everyone slaps one another on the back. Mind you, you needn’t actually be good… you just have to follow the “rules”. They ignore the common rules of hospitality (as you shall see if you go to New Skete or Tolleshunt Knights… the wife of a friend of mine just came back from the latter, and she wasn’t even given a glass of tea… horrid!).

The Cossacks… the Ideal of the Lived Orthodox… don’t tread on me!

Lived Orthodox are not “nice”… they are good. They do not stand on ceremony, nor do they care overly much for procedures, lawyers, or statutes. They DO care for rightness, honour, and decency (three things the Barcode Orthodox have forgotten… or, is it that the Barcode Orthodox have never heard of these concepts? Their actions do seem to indicate such!). You shall always receive kindness and hospitality (as you shall see if you go to Jordanville… the brothers would go without before they would let a guest go hungry).

The Lawyer… the perfect personification of the Barcode Orthodox

What more need I say? Without the Lawyer, the modernists would have been sunk by their actions… only look at the Iliff and Koumentakos cases for confirmation!

The Hero… the perfect personification of the Lived Orthodox

Lived Orthodox have stood up for Christ and His Church more than once and paid the price in blood many times over! Ask any Greek whose people came from Ionia or ask any Serb whose family is from Bosnia or ask any of the Russians who fled the Reds. Most of all, ask the folks from Russian Hill in Mayfield PA who had to fight the Syosset cabal to retain their parish-church in the 80s… look at them and see the true meaning of “struggle” and “sacrifice!”

What do you want? You DO have a choice.

You can have brunch in a fern-bar with the Barcode Orthodox and their cheap-jack chiropractor, shyster lawyer, and scheming developer friends…

Or… you can have a bite with the Lived Orthodox over at Katz’s Deli on Houston and Ludlow, between the Lower East Side and Soho… Hey, Manny! Gimme a pastrami on Jewish Rye with horseradish mustard and a half-sour and coleslaw on the side… Siddown and take a load off your feet!

I know where I belong… what about you?

img_0001Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 5 October 2009

Albany NY


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