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Saturday, 10 October 2009

Here is Why the Konvertsy are NOT Orthodox and MUST be Opposed at All Costs

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I received two interesting comments. The gist of my complaint yesterday in Watch Out! Was that Romanos published a deleted comment AND ATTRIBUTED IT TO ME, MAKING SNIDE COMMENTS AGAINST ME PERSONALLY. I’ve never been against using anonymous comments in order to make a point. You see, no one’s singled out or put up to obloquy when you refuse to give the names of the posters. That’s something that my staritsa approves of. “You hate the sin and love the sinner that way”, she says. “Otherwise, you do nothing but tear others down to build yourself up”. Read these two little gems… the e-mail address given was delete@delete.com… So, it wasn’t a deleted comment per se. Rather, it was a juvenile and rather tasteless exercise in Amerikantsy konvert behaviour. Thank God… these folks are on their way out of the Church… I’m not wishing such; I’m merely making an observation.

“do not expect common decency, politeness, or civility from this lot. The only thing that matters to them is the victory of their party… the end justifies the means. If that sounds like godlessness… that is because it is such!”

that is exactly you, you say you peel spuds, stir shit up everywhere, cause groups to rumble, then play humble some sort of holier-than-matuska crapola, but youre a loudmouthed arrogant russky-beotch

ya know ya cant publish this, too many agree with us in konvertsy-amerika

o yeah, have a nice day sister

how many automobiles does his HOLINESS kirill own? how many townhouses through europe does his HOLINESS kirill own? that watch his HOLINESS kirill wears is worth how many 1000s of U$ DOLLAR$  sounds like the voices from russia’s kettle is callin the ameticansky pot black too much without looking in a mirror. how’s that capitalism working for the moscow patriarchate at the expense of how many millions of poor in the russias? you criticise the oca antiochians greeks any one but the all holy russian people who shit in christ during the ussr

I’ve changed nothing… this is a straight cut-and-paste; this is exactly what was sent. What I objected to yesterday is that Romanos posted my deleted comment with my name attached to it to hold me personally up to obloquy, which no decent or civil person would do. In this case, the poster made a “pseudo-delete”, for no comment can be posted on my site without a name or e-mail address. That is, it was a deliberate provocation, done with malice aforethought. As Bob Czech said to me one time, “You’re getting to them, for they’re hollering loud”. This is an example of such. This comment IS rather adolescent (indeed, it’s redolent of teenage rebellion… some sorts never do grow out of such, you know)… I’ve no doubt that Romanos is innocent in this… it’s simply not his gassy and pseudo-Christian-elder style… it’s NOT easy to assume another writing style, even to deceive others. Indeed, one can see a writer’s “hand” in their every work (much as Morse code operators can be identified via their “fist”) and one can identify a given author often by merely scanning the style used.

Nevertheless, it shows where a portion of the konvertsy element resides. There’s enough difference between konvertsy and real Orthodoxy (grounded ethnics and true converts such as Frank Schaeffer) that one can see that the konvertsy are on their way out of the Church of their own accord. That’s what happens in groups when discrete blocs form and refuse to become part of the whole. This has been going on for quite some time, indeed, I’d say that it has been in gestation ever since Schmemann favoured ignorant converts over grounded Orthodox, starting in the mid-60s. THIS is the gift that Schmemann gave to the Church… a “gift” that’s kept on “giving”. Thankfully, such people shall leave after the Surfer-Dude Metropolitan (as a perceptive friend of mine calls him… God, all the good ones are thought up by someone else… it’s not fair, Lord!) crashes and burns. After all, his hare-brained scheme to move to DC was shot down and the OCA and SVS were forced to merge Treasurer positions. It won’t be a long rule, but it portends to be a nasty and bitter one. Well… people wanted Herman out… that’s exactly what they got (this was a classic example of “be careful what you wish for, you might get it”! As Matushka Nina pointed up, “Herman was self-centred and arrogant, but, he was Orthodox to the core”. JP’s also self-centred and arrogant (in a California Positivist manner), but he’s a HOOMie, not “Orthodox to the core”. We’re in for interesting times. God help us. As for the poster of the non-deleted “deleted comment”… your little screed revealed much about yourself and the group that you spring from. GROW UP! Cheers to all of you on this long holiday weekend… enjoy, and smile awhile!

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Saturday 10 October 2009

Albany NY

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