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Monday, 12 October 2009

“I’ve Got to Tell You This Because You Really Have to Know the Truth About Them…”


Editor’s Foreword:

Whew! I go away for an hour or two and I come back and find that my e-mail inbox is clogged! You people are dear and humble me…


How many times have you heard the above from someone? More than once… every time that I hear it, I make a mental note to myself… “Everything that’s going to follow this is probably either untrue or exaggerated… it seems that they don’t like that person. Hmm… they must disagree. Well… smile… say nothing… and believe nothing that comes out of their mouth”. I knew that, sadly, the above would not be a novelty to you… it is one of the main methods used to smear people on the ‘net. It is used to distract people from the actual topic under discussion, I have found (and so have you, haven’t you?).

Indeed, it is a long-used technique of the OCA apparat to smear its opposition. For many years, it remained unreported. Therefore, it wasn’t mentioned, and the apparatchiki smugly said, “It doesn’t exist”. For instance, a person sidled up to me and said, “Bishop Job is a drunk”. My reply was short and to the point, “Better an honest drunk than a sober thief”. Whew! You should have seen this human cockroach slither back into his hole!

I expect personal attacks for speaking out openly on the current imbroglio surrounding the Nashotah House Abomination. Let’s keep this simple… keep the discussion focused on the facts or go home… JP and Hatfield signed an agreement with an institution that is affiliated with a heretical confession that is not in communion with any recognised Local Church. Any of my real or supposed failings do not negate that fact. I am only a messenger… if any OCA response focuses on me and my peccadilloes and sins, and not on the manifest actions at Nashotah House committed by JP and Hatfield… well, you know what that means! It means that the facts reported are accurate and that they cannot refute them, ergo… ATTACK THE MESSENGER.

Truly, they have such little regard for your intelligence and judgement that they believe that they can distract you by such a recitation. Trust me… we all have interesting skeletons in our collective closets… we have all sinned. Therefore, I have not mentioned any of the tales that are circulating on the personal moral failures of some of the public figures involved (for instance, if someone has a trouble with the bottle (and that is true of one of the figures concerned), that is a matter for compassion, I would say… I refuse to use it as a weapon against them!)…

My inbox on my e-mail has been jammed… it has not surprised me that there are those who are violent supporters of JP and his position. I do note the following… most of those who are supporting JP have Anglo-Saxon names… most of those who support the Lived Orthodox position are “ethnics”… Nevertheless, we should not jump to conclusions… all that one can say is that this is true of those who have taken a public position on the issue to the present moment. I think that most people have not decided yet… they are waiting to see if JP and Co disown this particular little abomination. Whatever you may hear about me… the OCA chose not to publicise this on their official website… they chose to hide this from you. That is how much regard they have for you… don’t forget Eric Iliff and Kristi Koumentakos! Don’t forget what they truly think of you:

Pay, pray, and obey! Send us the money! Send it now! We don’t care what you think! Bow before your betters and be glad for what scraps we toss you!

Compared to THAT, my sins are minor, indeed, are they not? After all, I am a private individual… can you say that of Bobby K, Iggy Burdikoff, Hatfield, JP, et al? Keep focused… otherwise, it’s all over.

A big THANK YOU to all of you who have sent me e-mails of support… it is good to know that one is not alone. As for those who sent brickbats… I give as good as I get, as one of my friends pointed up. I have a THICK skin… you tend to grow such in the Church…

Cheers to all of you…

If not me and you, THEN, WHO?

img_0001Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 12 October 2009

Albany NY

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