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Thursday, 22 October 2009

There’s Only One!

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eugene the jeep

A recent exchange between me and a convert illustrated the difference between konvertsy and grounded Orthodox starkly and without equivocation. Like most konvertsy, my interlocutor suffered from logorrhoea (if you cannot get your point across in 800 to 1,500 words, you don’t know what you are talking about), but, there was gold amidst all the dreck. Examine the following statement:

People approach the road to Orthodoxy with different degrees of interest, knowledge, capability, and sincerity, and we all bring our shortcomings. But, each one of us (bishops, clerics, elders, those in between, and newbies) must work our own unique path, following the prescribed rules and guidance established for us through God’s revelations, the church fathers, and the sainted.

At first look, it appears inoffensive. Yet, a closer inspection of this reveals a fatal flaw. Each one of us (bishops, clerics, elders, those in between, and newbies) must work our own unique path. This statement is common amongst Amerikantsy, and they do not realise that it is completely at odds with what it means to be an Orthodox Christian. Most certainly, I have a distinct personality, and that affects my expression of faith (as do so many other things, as well)… if I were to deny that, that would be sheer lunacy and I would require a VERY long rest in an asylum for the feeble-minded. However, the expression of faith and “our unique path” are two very different and opposing things.

I do not walk a “unique path”; rather, I walk a path that is well-marked and definite. Anyone who thinks that they are on “a unique path” is deeply in prelest and must be avoided. After all, isn’t that the justification given by New Skete for its abominations such as celebrating “the Orthodox feast-day of St Francis of Assisi” (I kid you NOT… I wish that I were) and its farfetched, fanciful, and bizarre changes to the liturgy and ordo (JP approves of this despicable, contemptible, and scurvy lot with gusto… mark that down well). In short, these people think that they can change this or that at will without consequence. What does harsh reality tell us? It tells us that if you try to be something that you are not, or something that is not capable of being realised in you (due to your innate talents, abilities, and “bent”… and your corresponding lacks, as well), you are crack-brained and in need of immediate rescue. All I know is that there is a well-blazed path for us that is, perhaps, not completely safe, but, its hazards are well-marked and noted. If we walk “a unique path”, there is only one destination… that is too horrible to mention. Notice well that I do not believe that konvertsy should be left to an inevitable fate… we should make every effort to bring them to their senses and redeem them, for the stakes are very high, indeed. An analogy is in order.

Tooter the Turtle

Tooter the Turtle… he was always trying to be what he was not.

Konvertsy remind me of the old cartoon character Tooter the Turtle. Tooter would go to Mr Wizard and demand to be made into this or that. Mr Wizard (with a thick Mitteleuropäische accent) was always sceptical, but, he would reluctantly grant Tooter’s wish. Of course, Tooter would always get into a jam because of his notional delusions. His false impressions always landed him into trouble. So, whenever Tooter got into a pickle, he yelled, “Help me, Mr Wizard!” Mr Wizard would shrug and say, “Drizzle, drazzle, druzzle, drome; time for zis one to come home”. Then, Mr Wizard would always give Tooter the same advice, “Be just vhat you is, not vhat you is not. Folks vhat do zis are ze happiest lot”. Tooter never learned, though. Neither have the konvertsy. They think that they can construct “a new heaven and a new earth”… everything shall be SO grand, won’t it? GET REAL! The Church is ONE… there is no other. Christ cannot have many bodies… he only has one… and that one is the one that you see at present, it is the only one on offer.


If you don’t believe this, you’re not an Orthodox Christian, and that’s the long and short of it. You can accept reality as it is or you can have faith in a phantasm, a notional and fancied will o’ the wisp with no power to save you. You can have Christ AS HE IS or you can have a soulless golem of your own making.

I can’t make your mind up for you. Whichever one you opt for, take your time. Choose well.

img_0001Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Thursday 22 October 2009

Albany NY


St Maksym Sandovich of Carpatho-Russia (video)

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The link for this was sent by the inimitable Sasha Ressetar of Harrisburg PA. His pop is a priest, and his grandpa before him, as well. Sasha is a talented balalaikist and wonderful human-being. He is also a blood-relative of St Maksym. Many of us have kin who are saints of the Church, especially amongst the Russian, Serbian, and Ionian New Martyrs (and all the rest who suffered under the Red or Turkish boot). This DOES make a difference. It is one of the reasons why bloodless American konvertsy cannot grasp the inner reality and essence of the Church. For us, it is passionate and spirit-filled; for them, it is nothing but paper and ink. It is why we fight so hard for our Church… it is our Mother… and that is why we are so obstinate and mulish. Love is worth any sacrifice that we can give.

There is a bio of St Maksym on the right-hand side of the YouTube page. Attend to it. It puts the lie to the Uniate assertion, “We are just Orthodox in union with Rome”. Izzat so? Where are your icons of St Maksym? I DID see you bowing before an “icon” of Francis of Assisi… we DON’T do that, sir (New Skete’s abomination notwithstanding).

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