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Saturday, 24 October 2009

A Tribute to My Beloved…

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JEB Stuart and his wife

J E B Stuart says farewell to his loving wife before going to the War for Southern Independence (he was to fall in that noble cause…. may his memory last untarnished)… this is my pictorial tribute to my man… he is QUITE enough for me! I stand behind him without stint or limit. Femininity is not only grace and lace… it is fire and steel, as well.

Recently, last Friday, in fact, my Nicky celebrated his birthday (he’s 59 now). I cannot tell you how much I owe to this man. At a low point in my life, he reached out to me and pulled me out of the slough of despond. No… my Nicky is not a man of many words… he does what he must without complaint or demur. There are times when we just barely scrape by, yet, he never gives up. Yes… I can feel when he is discouraged… when he is feeling low and crank, I remember what he did for me…

More than once, I have struggled to find the right word for what I wish to say. Nicky comes out with something that is either completely à propos or jogs my mind into working. Indeed, without his aid and ideas, I would only be half of what I am… perhaps, even less. There is a oneness of mind with us… oh, that does NOT mean that we don’t scrap and squabble… see us when we get up in the morning (I am convinced that no one is fit company until they get their eyes open and have that first coffee of the morning…)! We had a FUNNY dispute last night over how to make the borshch (that’s beetroot soup for the uninitiated)… well, it wasn’t funny at the time… each of us had our firm and inflexible ideas on the topic… needless to say, both concepts were melded together (after a bit of fuss n’ sparks, I must say)… and it turned out right and proper, after all.

What can I say? I cannot express the depth of my feelings in words, except to say:


God willing, you have the same in your life. Cheers to all of you and HAPPY WEEKEND!

img_0001Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Saturday 24 October 2009

Albany NY


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