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Sunday, 25 October 2009

It’s a Wonderful Day in the Neighbourhood

It’s time to send the carpetbaggers and scallywags packin’…


I received the following news tonight from a friend of mine who’s a priest in the MP… he is an acquaintance of Fr Vsevolod Chaplin and Prof Kirill Frolov, so his words carry some weight. The following is NOT official, but I’d say that it has a 75 percent probability, so, I’d ask you all to attend seriously to it.

I have it on very good authority that Metropolitan Jonas intends to open an OCA branch for dissident Episcopalians. As he says that he wants to be “Patriarch of America”, he wants to uniatise Anglicans just like the pope. Where will his megalomaniac ambition stop? This came from taking a priest, making him a bishop one day… and a metropolitan almost the next.

This is SERIOUS news, if it’s true, and I fear that it is. The Anglicans believe that JP promised them “intercommunion” and “recognition”, and this news fits that too closely, I’m afraid. What’s necessary is for the OCA to officially announce that it isn’t contemplating such a body… otherwise, be suspicious… JP and Hatfield didn’t go to Nashotah House for nought. Bear in mind that JP approves of the “Orthodox Feast of St Francis of Assisi”… he issued fulsome praise of the renegade community of quasi-Uniate turncoats that celebrates such a scandalous outrage (I’d direct you to the fully-Orthodox remarks of Prof Aleksei Osipov of the MDA concerning Francis of Assisi and Teresa of Avila… NO other Local Church allows such, be clear on THAT). Indeed, this has a relation to the information above.

There isn’t going to be any catechesis of the Anglicans… this is looking like a very bad replay of what JP did with the HOOMies in 2000… Note well that the Anglicans venerate Francis of Assisi… Hmm… isn’t it WONDERFUL that we’re getting people who glorify the spiritually-deluded as saints? It’s bad enough that New Skete has “icons” of Dorothy Day and Edith Stein in their chapel. Do we need more of this? The Anglicans aren’t Orthodox… neither is New Skete! ADS brought those vipers into the bosom of the Church… he didn’t see to it that an Orthodox superior was appointed to guide them nor did he condemn any of their disgraceful Uniate distortions of the ordo. Then, the questionable Stepford Wives-like HOOMies were brought in… Now, we’re to be subjected to Anglicans coming in without instruction. I’d say that would put JP and Co outside of the ambit of the Church.

Is this the logical end of the rebellion that began at the Cleveland Sobor in 1946? We have a first hierarch that was promoted to the top after a total of two months as a bishop… do compare that to Metropolitan Hilarion Kapral of the ROCOR, who was a bishop for 24 years and a ruling bishop for 12 years prior to being named First Hierarch. I don’t think that Vladyki Hilarion would’ve tolerated a single one of the scandals that currently plague the OCA. He wouldn’t have approved an “Orthodox Feast of St Francis of Assisi”… he wouldn’t have allowed former Anglicans to come into the Church without a proper period of instruction or inspection… he wouldn’t have allowed those who “lost” church records to remain either in positions of influence or as church-employees… I could go on, but, you get it by now, I’m sure.

Is it time to abandon the sinking ship? I’d say that we have only one church… for good or ill. It’s why it’s worth fighting for. When rotten hierarchs have arisen, the people get riled… then, the clergy follow… and, finally, the bishops expel the creep from amongst them. It happened with the iconoclasts, it happened with the Uniate scourge, and it happened as recently as 1999 in Yekaterinburg and in 2008 with the renegade Diomid Dzyuban. That’s to say, it’s a VERY Orthodox thing to do. After all, we aren’t passive Papists or wandering Protestants. Orthodox stand and fight… for there’s only ONE church, and she’s the Bride of Christ, and if we were to lose her… we’d lose everything.

Take a look at the following video. It is the original version of Dixie



Inspiring stuff, no? It’s time to stand up and say NO to JP and his fellow Quislings. Oh, by the way, “John”… don’t criticise me unless you can get definitive information from OCA official sources that the coming Unia with heretical Anglicans isn’t going to happen. Also, do observe that I noted at the outset that I hoped that the information I received wasn’t true. However… the chances of that are slight given JP’s fibs concerning his past… especially, his connections with the defrocked Gleb Podmoshensky, the nature of his residence at Valaam, and his relations with the HOOMies. Everything in his official bio on these topics is either false or misleading. You’re checkmated, “John”… you and Ad Orientem are being used… grow up and wise up.

It’s a wonderful day in the neighbourhood! Those who destroy records (“they simply do not exist”, according to Eric Tosi) link hands with unrepentant Uniates (that is, New Skete); those who welcomed the abusive HOOMies (if you wish the truth, look at pokrov.org) are now preparing to welcome Anglican heretics. I’ve nothing against Anglicans… but they are NOT Orthodox and no amount of hot air can change that elemental fact.

We can fight for our church as our ancestors did under St Aleksandr Nevsky and the heroes Minin and Pozharsky, or, we don’t deserve it! We should chase the rascals and scallywags out, just as they did. Now, THAT would be “a wonderful day in the neighbourhood”.

What say you?

img_0001Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sunday 25 October 2009

Albany NY


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