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Monday, 26 October 2009

He’s Comin’ to Our Town… It’s Time to Stand Up and Cheer!

patriarch kirill gundyaev

Kirill Gundyaev (1946- ), Patriarch of Moscow and all the Russias, at the procession for the Kursk-Root Icon of the Mother of God in Kursk in September 2009. His Holiness is the de facto leader of the Orthodox world, as approximately two-thirds of all Orthodox are under his omofor.

I got another little piece of information from another one of my clerical contacts… it’s VERY good news.

The Patriarch is planning a visit to the US next year. The December Synod in Moscow will be all about the parishes outside of Russia. There could be some big surprises for all of us.

After the bad tidings that came last night, this news (from a priest in the MP) is encouraging. His Holiness is coming here… one reason being, no doubt, to visit Jordanville and have a great love-feast and Dixie-Fry with Vladyki Hilarion at the grave of Vladyki Laurus. Trust me; it’s going to be a once-in-a-lifetime event… Nicky and I plan on being there when it happens (we live only 125 kilometres from the monastery)… I’d bet that my Nicky’s brother Gregory will be one of the officiating clergy (he’s deacon at the wonderful parish in Mayfield PA that won the day against the modernist OCA thugs)… that’s plain to see. KMG is also going to be greasily polite to JP in public… if he is still in the Church at that date… but, he’ll give him the third-degree and rubber-hose him in private. I’d LOVE to be a fly on the wall for that one! He’ll smile at the Greek bishops, clink glasses with Ambassador Churkin in New York, perhaps, go to Washington to see BO, and he’ll slap backs and kiss babies like any other good politician… the fact that he is a churchman does not negate his role as a politician, folks… if you think that, I’ll smile and not argue with you. It’s not good policy to argue with fools, drunks, Brother Junipers, and Pollyannas… it’s pointless and ends in nothing but confusion and strife.

This is not official news, but, it comes from a “reliable source” that has been right in the past.

The news about the December meeting of the MP Holy Synod is interesting. As my contact gave me no details, there is no basis for any conjecture whatsoever, except for the mere fact that the subject of overseas parishes in the diaspora shall be on the table for discussion. I CAN say that no bishop was sent to replace Bishop Merkury in NYC, so, it is easy to guess that one of the particular details to be decided is the future of the MP jurisdictions in the US and Canada. My guess (for what it’s worth) is that they shall become part of the ROCOR’s existing dioceses in the area. Would this meeting go beyond that limited objective? I have no way of telling due to the paucity of information offered. However… it bids fair to be an INTERESTING affair… and do note that it is occurring before His Holiness’ planned trip to the USA (my source did NOT say whether KMG was going to Canada, as well).

Good news… bad news… it’s best to attend to all of it, no? After all, he’s comin’ to our town… we’re gonna have a parade… it’s time to stand up and CHEER!

Vivat! VIVAT! VIVAT, Kirill Mikhailovich!

Sotvori Gospodi na mnogaya lyeta!

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Monday 26 October 2009

Albany NY


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