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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

¡¿Por Qué No Te Callas?! (Why Don’t You Just Shut Up?!)

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Two years ago, in Spanish-speaking countries, the phrase ¡¿Por qué no te callas?! became a bit of an overnight instant “pop culture sensation”. It means, “Why don’t you just shut up!?” King Juan Carlos of Spain snarled that at Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez when the latter refused to stop rudely interrupting Spanish Premier José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero during an international conference in Santiago (Chile) in 2007. Sr Chávez was boorish throughout and His Majesty was correct in slapping him down publicly and loudly. The audience in the hall LOVED it immensely (they gave the King a round of hearty applause). It not only showed what courage King Juan Carlos possesses, it showed that the public still responds with vigour to real leadership. On top of that, it proves that loud minorities do not speak for us… they never have, they never shall (do attend to that fact, SVS and Syosset…). Of course, this shall NOT stop such sorts from trying…

I believe that it is time for Patriarch Kirill to say to JP and Co (and the entire autocephalist cabal):

¡¿Por qué no te callas?!

Actually, he would say:

Почему не просто завершить!?

It is time for the curtain to fall on the farce known as the OCA… at least, its recognition by the Patriarchate of Moscow and all the Russias must end. In the past few days, what I have noticed about pro-JP criticism on my site (all spammed, by the way… we shouldn’t give such scurrilous stuff air-time) was that it was invariably personal and focused on the peccadilloes of the person posting objective reportage on JP and his entourage. It NEVER focused on the accuracy of the statements given in argument for a particular thesis. Therefore, I e-mailed several acquaintances… hmm… I wasn’t the only person on their list of pleasant greetings (and I, probably, wasn’t one of the more important ones on that list, either). Of course, if they attack one person, it’s no surprise if they attack another… that stands to good reason (indeed, it’s an old habit of theirs… in any case, Bishop Job attests to their customary methods of bullying intimidation).

In short, such juvenile ranting and jabbing doesn’t discomfit anyone nor does it take anyone aback. One expects it… one sees it coming. It doesn’t make it any less unpleasant or nasty… I, for one, am not made of stone… but, it doesn’t burst in on you in surprise (sadly enough). These days, such sorts use many internet pseudonyms… yet, there is a common thread running through most of them… it is easy to see that they come only from a small set of thugs and gossips (for I shall call them what they are). In fact, I identified only some fifty “regular” posters (at least one post a week) and only some twenty “constant” posters (at least three posts a week) on a well-known modernist “Orthodox” internet forum. That is to say, such boorishness is issuing from a very small group of people. In this instance, this set is a subset of a larger group that claims over a thousand “members” (at least, that is how many “user-names” are registered… it could be fewer actual people).

I would say to His Holiness:

“The time for waiting is over. Jonas Paffhausen and his set shall embarrass the Church, if not worse, if you do not bring them to heel, and bring them to heel immediately (do remember the abomination inked at Nashotah House… it is in opposition to your ban on relations with the TEC). During the 90s, the Church in Russia either removed or exposed the pliant clergy put in place by the communists. It is sad to say, but, some of those biddable and compliant sorts (and their confederates) are still afoot in the OCA, in particular. They are not your friends. Revoke the Tomos… disestablish the OCA. Yes, a spot of rebellion shall be one of the results… that was inevitable after Jonas Paffhausen’s accession. It is better to have a small bit of upset now than to procrastinate and have a larger upheaval later”.

This is one woman’s opinion. However, more than one other person shares it. It is time for serious grown-ups to put the squalling and misbehaving children back in the nursery where they belong. We must do that or face the consequences of our inaction, I fear.

It’s your move.

img_0001Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 10 November 2009

Albany NY

Editor’s Postscript:

This is one of those posts where I must heartily thank my opposition. Instead of discouraging me (and the others of like mind to me, whom you attack just as nastily and drearily), it only gives me more reason to stay the course… that is, it only makes me more determined to persevere until it’s all over and the dragon is slain. I’m only a minor member of the band that is attempting to do it… but, we’ll all have a necessary hand in it before it’s over. Thank you for reminding me why I fight on.

A last note to the childish posters who think that they are causing me and others like me pain: “If you persist, all you shall do is to deepen our resolve to see this situation put to rights. If I am not perfect (a fact that I cheerfully admit)… then, neither are you. If such is so, apply your words to yourself… and, then, read the Parable of the Publican and the Pharisee. ‘Get your mind right’, as my Nicky says”.

In ending, I give a grateful word of thanks to my friends… your kindness keeps me going and on the path. SPASIBO!


Now, You See Him… Now, You Don’t

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Let’s look at part of a post from Orthodox Christians for Accountability.


Fr Ray Velencia, who was elected as the clergy delegate from the Diocese of Washington in late August, has stepped aside from the OCA’s Metropolitan Council at the request of Metropolitan Jonah. He has been replaced by the alternate, Fr John Vitko.

Fr Velencia, the pastor of St. Matthew’s parish in Columbia, MD, was one of the defendants, along with former Metropolitan Herman and the OCA, in a lawsuit filed by Ms Kristine Koumentakos last year. Although several counts in this lawsuit were dismissed, the counts dealing with employment discrimination, of which Fr. Velencia was also a part, continues amid rumours of an impending settlement. It has been reported to OCANews.org members of St. Matthew’s “…made a unanimous vote to withhold the OCA dues until the Metropolitan explained the reasons for removing Fr Velencia”.

9 November 2009

Orthodox Christians for Accountability



Well, well, well… it seems as though JP has shot himself in the foot, yet again. The so-called (and “re-established”) “Diocese of Washington” named Mr Velencia as its clerical member on the MC on Friday 11 September 2009 (hmm… 9-11… I doubt that the konvertsy and modernists caught the irony of all that)… On Monday 9 November, Mr Stokoe’s website reported his (effectual) dismissal by JP. To cut to the chase, it took JP nearly two months to act. Truthfully, it would have been better for him to defend Velencia to the end. Now, the appearance given is that JP will trim his sails when his lawyers tell him to. No amount of Syosset spinning can stop this Hapless Harry from stepping in every cow pie (a rather fresh and odoriferous one, this time) scattered in the field.

What could he have done? Firstly, he could have made it clear to the organisers of the meeting that he didn’t want RV’s name brought up in nomination. “It’ll cause us trouble if we name a guy that’s involved in current litigation to the MC”. Why, everyone would understand such clear words. Nobody would place RV’s name in nomination… therefore, no problem would ever surface. Secondly, JP could have rung up Velencia and ordered him not to accept the election. RV would make a fulsome speech to the assembly… the meeting would choose another person for the place… again, no problem. Thirdly, JP had a limited “window of opportunity” to put this right after the guvno hit the fan. If he had acted in the first week, he would have been hurt, but, not badly or permanently.

Instead, JP has brought the “worst of all possible worlds” upon himself. The people who opposed RV’s accession to the MC now have a victory. This bloc has tasted blood. They shall be bolder the next time around. RV’s supporters (apparently, not a few… that speaks volumes for the state of the OCA, does it not?) feel cheated and are taking it out on JP. When the bell for the next round rings, this faction may very well not support JP to the max (and he DOES need their wholehearted support… especially if he institutes the crack-brained notion of an Anglican Rite). This decision was laggardly in the extreme. It took nearly TWO MONTHS of California Dreamin’ (where is Mama Cass when we need her?) before JP acted. Before, only his opponents mistrusted him. Now, JP’s supporters ask themselves, “Am I next? If I become ‘inconvenient’, will I be the next one tossed off the train?” This is the STUPIDEST thing that JP had as an alternative. It would have been better for him if RV’s dismissal were part of an open court settlement. Syosset’s passion for secrecy is catching up to JP and he cannot shake it… if he keeps “The Old Gang” in power (and he is doing so), he shall be covered by the splashed filth from their furtive doings… it is quite that simple.

In a related vein, one wonders why Syosset gave the OCA Treasurer the heave-ho. There was no word when they appointed him that this was only a temporary posting pending the merging of the SVS and OCA Treasurer slots. I thought that we could explain it simply by the OCA’s chronic shortage of cash… a scarcity exacerbated by legal bills and junketeering by JP and LK beyond its means. A friend of mine pointed up that an alternative explanation… one that merits attention. The Treasurer may have threatened to expose details that Bobby K and Co didn’t wish publicised. He may well have fought over the fudging that Syosset engages in with the published budget figures (which seem to change with each phase of the moon). One wonders when the next set of published figures is going to emerge (to cover the latest legal bills and junkets).

In short, this is another fiasco brought to you by JP and Co. If this does not point up their incompetence and slow-wittedness to you… nothing shall. Tiny Tim, where art thou? We need a song!

img_0001Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 10 November 2009

Albany NY

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