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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Serbian Orthodox Church Patriarch Pavle Dies at 95

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Patriarch Pavle of Serbia 2

Patriarch Pavle Stojčević of Serbia (1914-2009).

The Serbian Orthodox Church announced that Patriarch Pavle died on Sunday morning, at the age of 95, and that the country will observe 3 days of official mourning. Two years ago, the Patriarch entered the military hospital in Belgrade with a variety of undisclosed health problems.

Pavle became Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church in 1990, just before the collapse of the ex-Yugoslav Federation and the rise of Serb nationalism. Under his leadership, the Orthodox Church became hugely popular. The majority of the Serbian population of 7.5 million are Orthodox. Before his elevation to the position of 44th Patriarch of the Serbian Church, Pavle served as Bishop of Kosovo, which Serbia considers as its southern province and the cradle of Serbian culture and history.

After 1999, Pavle visited Kosovo several times to express his support for the spiritual pastors and for the Serbian minority that remained there. Under Pavle, the Serbian Orthodox Church moved to obstruct the independence of Kosovo, which the Albanian majority eventually declared in 2008. For the past several years, The Serbian Church was widely suspected of having supported ex-Serb Bosnian leaders, including Radovan Karadžić, helping to hide them from the authorities seeking to bring them to justice. During his Patriarchate, Pavle succeeded in imposing the voice of the Church throughout Serbia through the introduction of religious classes in schools. The majority of Serbs today consider their Orthodox Church to be the institution in which they have most trust.

15 November 2009

Sofia News Agency


Editor’s Note:

I apologise for the tone of the article… I am looking for objective material, but it ain’t easy, friends and neighbours. The Serbs are the favourite whipping boys of the PC crowd and such nasty leftist sorts rule the editorial desks in most news outlets. I believe that any so-called Orthodox Christian who supports the dismemberment of Serbia is not faithful to Christ and His Church and is a faithless papist Uniate in all but name (I stand by this… I am not ashamed to support my Orthodox co-religionists to the bitter end).



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