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Thursday, 19 November 2009

I’ll be Home for Christmas!

A Christmas Homecoming (Norman Rockwell, 1948). This is an interesting painting. The people who Mr Rockwell used as his models were his familiars; in fact, the fellow with a pipe facing the embracing couple is the artist himself! On the left, the elderly woman in the old-fashioned dress is Anna Moses (“Grandma Moses”) (1860-1961), the famous American naïve-folk artist. Mr Rockwell and Ms Moses lived close to one another, she in Hoosick Falls, NY and he is Stockbridge MA, both towns are in the Berkshires (they are both close to my home in Albany and Nicky and I have motored through both more than once).

I’ll be home for Christmas
You can count on me
Please have snow and mistletoe
And presents by the tree

Christmas eve will find you
Where the love light gleams
I’ll be home for Christmas
If only in my dreams

I’ll be Home for Christmas

Jordin Sparks

God bless us, every one!

Tiny Tim Crachit

Let’s begin by looking at a dispatch from Interfax. The full text follows below.


British Bishops Fear that the New Equality Act will Ban the Public Celebration of Christmas

British Catholics are seriously concerned that the new Equality Act’s adoption will lead to a ban on public celebrations of Christmas, so it doesn’t offend members of other religions. According to the Conference of Catholic Bishops of England and Wales, the bill, supported by MP Harriet Harman, the deputy leader of the Labour Party and the Minister for Equality, would have “dire consequences” for freedom of religion. The Equality Bill obliges all public bodies to ensure equal treatment of all and fight discrimination, writes the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph.

“Today, under existing legislation… local authorities urge people not to display Christmas lights, so as not to offend Muslim neighbours, and refrain from using the word ‘Christmas’… If the new law is really designed to ensure equality, we must do everything possible to avoid dire consequences for the freedom of religion”, read the appeal of the British Catholic Bishops to Parliament. The Catholic bishops also expressed concern that the law would oblige church day-care centres for the elderly to remove crucifixes from the walls, so as not to offend atheist employees. Recently, such a case occurred in a British hospital.

19 November 2009




We saw that some uppity judges are trying to ban crucifixes in Italian schools. Here, we have a multi-culti PC punk attempting to abolish any public manifestation of Christianity “so as not to offend Muslim neighbours”. These people are determined and serious in their intent to root out the public expression of Christianity. Firstly, let’s get our rage out of our system so that we think clearly.

*&@% You!!

Now, we all feel better after expressing our frustrations; let’s get down to business. If public expressions of Christianity offend certain Muslims (who are not the majority of that group, I must add), I suggest that they move to those Islamic countries that ban such exercises. I say to such sorts, “If you live in a country where the majority is Christian, you must keep your mouth shut when the majority publicly celebrates the holidays of its faith. Our ancestors died in battle against Islam to secure our right to practise our faith and we aren’t going to bow the knee to a loud and unrepresentative minority. If you wish to stay here because you earn more money than you would in your homeland… you must also accept that this place is Christian and you must accept the consequences of that. If not… Leave! Don’t let the door hit you in the arse as you leave!”

In short, “good riddance to bad rubbish”. The courts and their sycophantic apologists are forever mooning about the rights of this-or-that minority. I agree with Archbishop Ieronymos Liapis, “Majorities also have rights”. You tell ‘em, Vladyki! It’s time for real Orthodox to link arms with all other real people of good will. However… we have quislings in our ranks. Such sorts as SVS and their fellow-travellers elsewhere mewl their modernist rot… it’s nothing but the materialist mantra in religious drag. They don’t wish to miss the next conference, seminar, or “workshop”, don’t you see.

By their fruits, ye shall know them… indeed! Reflect on that the next time you hear some pseudo-intellectual (religious or secular, it doesn’t matter) yapping about the “rights” of some minority against society. It’s because they hate Christendom (the public display and exercise of Christianity) and wish to kill it! Ponder that some of those doing such yapping are so-called “Christians” (they are found mostly amongst seminary faculty… a feckless and dreary lot in all confessions)… it’s a meaty question to consider, isn’t it?

I’ll be home for Christmas…





That’s what I have to say on the matter. I don’t think that offended anyone. If it did… nuts to you. I am a Christian, no one is going to tell me otherwise… and I’m not going to be quiet either! Stand tall… and remember… He’s making a list and checking it twice (and I DON’T mean Santa). Which side are you on?


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