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Friday, 27 November 2009

“Free Hugs” in Moscow on 28 November

A flashmob entitled “Davaite Obnimat’sya!” (“Let’s hug!”) will assemble Saturday at Pushkin Square in central Moscow. It will be part of a series of such actions around the world, designed to give a warm greeting to people on the street, organisers of the rally said. Several years ago, an Australian, John Mann, came up with the Idea to hug passers-by on the street. At a difficult moment in his life, he wrote the two words “Free Hugs” in marker on a large sheet of paper and went out. First, people shunned him, but, then, began to approach him and accepted the hugs, RIA-Novosti reported. In Mr Mann’s own words, everybody seemed a little happier after he hugged them. John’s example inspired many people, and, for several years, all over the world, there have been hundreds of such actions. Organisers think that 100 to 150 people will take part in the Moscow action.

27 November 2009

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