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Saturday, 28 November 2009

Let’s Get Out The Cat… As in “Cat o’ Nine Tails!”

Jesus and the Moneychangers (Boris Olshansky, 2006)

I received a self-centred, self-congratulatory, and childish comment on one of my posts. It came from a newbie upset at my criticism of JP and his kissing up to Nashotah House. Truly, I couldn’t believe that an adult could write such utter rot. What is worse, they prefaced it with a “quotation” from the Fathers torn out of context. Furthermore, they wrote a cross after their name… I kid you not (probably, a HOOMie poseur pretending to be Orthodox)! Obviously, I spammed it, for I don’t think that adults have a responsibility to give mewling toddlers a forum (ergo, I omit the prideful Patristic quote… such is sheer ex-Protestant rubbish, in any case). Look at this.

I am sorry for your anger, your venom, and your ignorance. Ignorance can be improved with prayer and humility. The saints of Holy Orthodoxy weep at your words. Your pride in “Ultradoxy” may be egocentrism or ethnocentrism, but is not the right worship or right path. It is the road to hell. Repent! I weep for you.

I’m NOT joking and I didn’t make this up! As my staritsa says, “Give no quarter to ideas; give the benefit of the doubt to people”. Therefore, this person shall remain nameless and unidentified. Good Ol’ Workin’ Chap… can you believe such sheer logorrhoea? If such sorts don’t like adults talking about the Church and clerics in a mature and frank fashion, I suggest that they stick to such fluffy gurus as Stephen Freeman and Joseph Honeycutt… we don’t dispense saccharine and watery pabulum. We have good ol’ meat n’ potatoes on the menu here at Vara’s Diner and Hash House; it’s all good for you, full of righteous ingredients, and tasty, too (have a greaseburger n’ fries with onion n’ pickles with a cold brewskie… now, that’s GOOD EATS). There are such things as corrupt clerics and nasty doings under the guise of piety and religion. Do look at Raymond Velencia, Bobby K, Iggy Burdikoff, Lyonyo Kishkovsky, and David Brum… you just can’t sweep corruption, theft, and ecumania under the rug (“the records simply don’t exist”). We must expose such doings to the open air so that we can right them. I just translated an Interfax article for an acquaintance concerning 30 years worth of child abuse by Catholic priests in Ireland. Here is an excerpt.

In 2006, members of the Commission for the Investigation of the Catholic Diocese of Dublin appealed to officials of the Holy See to provide access to information sent to the Vatican in cases of rapes of Irish children by Catholic priests. Nevertheless, the Vatican denied these requests because they were not sent through the appropriate diplomatic channels. In turn, the Commission explained that its activity was completely independent from the government, therefore, its members did not have to use official channels to obtain information. In February 2007, and early in 2009, the Vatican ignored two similar requests from the Commission, the BBC said. The report says that the Catholic Church and the Irish police knew about cases of child abuse, but, they ignored this information and took no action to curb the incidents. On Thursday, after the publication of the report, the head of the Catholic Church of Ireland, Seán Baptist Cardinal Brady, Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland, expressed regret in connection with the rape of children by priests between 1975 and 2004, and the fact that the Church long concealed the facts. Officials of the Irish Government also extended their apologies.


What are we supposed to do? Are we to keep silence concerning enormities committed by clergy “for the good of our souls?” I’ll check into Bedlam with Mr Scrooge and take tea with the Queen of Hearts. JP and Hatfield had no right signing an accord with an unrepentantly Proddie institution that is an integral part of the TEC (in short, JP signed an agreement with Ms Jefferts-Schori… what utter blasphemy). Nashotah House is a typical Calvinist Evangelical Anglican seminary that approves of the ordination of women, “comprehensiveness”, and the branch theory. I have no doubt that Mr Munday, the dean, is a personable fellow and that he is a typical Anglican… that is, no bad sort at all. However, that does not mean that we sign pacts with them to legitimatise them.

Angry? Ignorant? Egocentrism? Ethnocentrism? Damn right, I’m angry… it’s not right to use the Church to enrich oneself or hurt others… I’m NOT alone in thinking that. You chide me for ignorance… child, I’ve forgotten more things about Orthodox history, life, and theology than you’ve ever learned. It is not egocentric to expose nastiness… and to pay the cost thereof. The worst ethnocentrism is that shown by Anglo-Saxon newbies who refuse to accept the fact that the Church comes garbed in all-too-human form. You can stand with the monks serving the guns at the Troitsky Lavra firing a barrage at the papist invaders or you can stand with the hypocritical ecumaniacs bloviating at Nashotah House or any other Ecumenical Dixie Fry and Love Feast. I know where I stand!

Thou hast made my Father’s House into a den of thieves! Amen, Lord. Here’s the “cat”… I know that you’ll use it to good effect!

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Saturday 28 November 2009

Albany NY

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