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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Angel or Devil? Hmm…

Angel or Devil? If you believe me the latter, please, prove with documentation that Leonid Kishkovsky is not the head of the OCA DECR, that SVS did not sign any agreement with Nashotah House, or that Eric Tosi did not say of the Diocese of NY and NJ financial records, “They simply don’t exist”. I’m not going to hold my breath, it’s not healthy. Checkmate to the lot of you.

One of the recurrent themes in the mewling complaints that I get from konvertsy is that people such as me are “whiners”. Indeed? Why? It is because I don’t bow and scrape in front of clerical miscreants? I note that most of them are fanatic devotees of Jonas Paffhausen and resent it when someone points up the lacunae in his public statements. They get particularly incensed when I (and other grounded people) don’t take them (or their idols) seriously. Let me give just two examples… I don’t wish to waste anyone’s time.

I must be a “whiner” when I point up that Jonas Paffhausen said, “Everything has changed”. I see… is that why Lyonyo Kishkovsky remains as the head of the OCA DECR, a post he has held since the days of Feodosy Lazor? That alone torpedoes that statement and renders it not only false, but, also, deliberately misleading. Lyonyo was with him in Moscow when JP claimed that there were only two secretaries and a housecleaner left in Syosset of the old guard. Trust me; I would have loved to be a fly on the wall to have heard Fr Vsevolod’s report to KMG on that statement. (Fr Vsevolod Chaplin and Bishop Mark Golovkov took over major portions of the MP DECR on 31 March 2009. KMG radically trimmed the department; obviously, he does not trust Hilarion Alfeyev.) You see, Lyonyo tried to interfere in the reconciliation talks between the ROCOR and MP in late ‘06… Lyonyo tried to claim that the OCA had a “veto” over former OCA priests in the ROCOR. Fr Vsevolod stuck a rocket up Lyonyo’s backside. He told Lyonyo point-blank that the talks were between the MP and the ROCOR, it was an in-house matter, and, if Lyonyo wanted to be part of the talks… well, let the OCA rejoin the MP, and, then, they could talk about it. Two priests have told me of this and both are reliable men. In short, JP lied in Moscow in front of people who knew that he was lying. I don’t think that that was a wise move. The konvertsy don’t care… their hero can do no wrong… even if he lies barefaced in public.

I must be a “whiner” when I point up that four years of financial records are now missing… “the records simply don’t exist”, according to Eric Tosi… and make the observation that any other organisation would fire the creeps and turn ‘em over to the feds. Therefore, the konvertsy are saying that the destruction of records is piffle to them. I don’t know if I want to know such people, let alone trust them. “Oh, the records are missing; we’ll have to forgive Iggy and Bobby”. THAT is lunacy. THAT is folly. That sort of logic only ends in Creedmoor (NY State mental hospital for the criminally insane on the Island). I have NEVER heard this used as an excuse by any other group. Perhaps, a lawyer can help me… doesn’t a non-profit organisation have a legal responsibility to keep its records up to snuff? You just don’t go around losing four years’ worth of records. Such people are not trustworthy… why is Iggy Burdikoff still the Dean of Upstate NY and why does Bobby K continue to pull down an OCA salary after all this? Or, does pointing this up simply reinforce my standing as a “whiner?”

One could go on, but, I think that is pointless. The OCA under Herman Swaiko was corrupt and creaky. The OCA under Jonas Paffhausen is corrupt and creaky. As Moses from Alaska put it so well, “Looks like the new boss looks just like the old boss”. Let me leave you with a thought. “Why should we applaud if the Metropolitan of the OCA signs an agreement with The Episcopal Church (TEC) after Moscow dropped dialogue with it?” THAT is something to ponder. As of today, Nashotah House is still a seminary of the TEC… you can’t spin this one, konvertsy.

They called the folks in Yekaterinburg “whiners” during the church crisis there in ’99… it seems that events vindicated the “whiners”. By the way, Yekaterinburg got a sterling archpastor, Archbishop Vikenty Morar, because the “whiners” made a stink… thank you “whiners!” Think on that.

So, what does the record say? Hmm… that’s up to you… but, if you wish to call me a devil… SUBSTANTIATE. Prove me wrong… with documentation. I’d love to see the records reappear! Boy, that would be magic!

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 1 December 2009

Albany NY


New Russian Church Built in Thailand

All Saints Russian Orthodox Church in Pattaya, Thailand on 21 November 2009.

The construction of the All Saints Russian Orthodox Church in Pattaya, Thailand is now complete. The construction of the church took eight months, and local believers raised the money to build it. On 20 December, the consecration of the new church will take place during the celebrations of the 10th anniversary of the Orthodox faith in Thailand. Archbishop Hilarion Alfeyev of Volokolamsk, the head of the MP Department for External Church Relations, will serve at the consecration ceremony, as reported on the MP official website. According to earlier reports, plans exist to build another Russian church, the Church of the Ascension, on the island of Samui. The local parish decided to buy a plot of land on a mountain slope not far from the sea for this purpose. There are also plans to open a Russian cultural centre and a school at Holy Trinity Orthodox Church on the Phuket Island.

30 November 2009



Give With a Smile…

Ded Moroz, Snegurochka, and the kids say thanks!


During the Christmas holidays, many of us donate to “good works”. My advice is not to give any money to the central OCA or to SVS (or any of the agencies tied in with them). To be frank, the salaries of dronish apparatchiki eat up most of the money. Send your money elsewhere, where it can do some good. Here is one good cause, the Orthodox Christian Academy in Camp Hill PA. Fr Daniel Ressetar, Sasha Ressetar’s pop, acts as president without taking a penny in salary. If one of the Syosset gang did so, it would be at $134,000 per annum, the usual Syosset salary. I would say that any organisation headed by a priest who won’t take compensation for his labour is a good thing. If you look at the list of the board members, they appear to be Russian, Greek, and Serb, a good mixture. That helps keep a group honest, I have found. Here’s the URL for the school’s website.


Yamal Iri in Salekhard… now THAT’S near the North Pole!


They look legit… and they need help to survive. I’m not getting one red cent for giving you this blurb. It’s something that I think is on the up and up… and the bar for my standards for that isn’t low. If you can… write ‘em out a cheque (or however it’s done these days… sheesh, I’m not up on all the newfangled cybernetic ways of sending money). I give a VERY big thank you to Sasha Ressetar for turning me on to this. Очен спасибо, Саша!

Give with a smile,

Give from your heart,

Give what ya got,

God knows that’s enough.

‘Nuff said, gang!

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 1 December 2009

Albany NY

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Parishioners of St Thomas Church Deny Rumours that 50 Million Euros Have Been Raised for a New Church

Plan view of the Holy Prophet Daniel Mission Centre in Moscow planned by Fr Daniil Sysoev

Rumours saying that 50 million euros (2.2 billion Roubles. 75.44 million USD. 45.392 million UK Pounds) were supposedly collected to build a new church dedicated to the Prophet Daniel, which was one of the projects of Fr Daniil Sysoev are untrue, the murdered priest’s parishioners said. “Announcements on television and other media sources concerning rumours that we raised 50 million euros to construct the parish of the Prophet Daniel in the Kantemirov district of Moscow are untrue”, a parish statement posted on its website said. In particular, on the latest segment of the TV programme Chelovek i Zakon (Man and the Law), Larissa Nagulo, the architect in charge of the Prophet Daniel mission centre project, said, “When I was looking for funds for the project, I told everyone that we need about 50 million euros”. On the other hand, the television reporter said that, about two weeks ago, Ms Nagulo told Fr Daniil that the said amount for the project was raised.

1 December 2009



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