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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Former Priest Suspected of Stealing Money from Parishioners in Tyumen Oblast

Local authorities believe that Sergei Dmitrishin, the former rector of St Ilya church in the village of Uvat in Tyumen oblast, committed fraud. According to investigators, from November 2005 to March 2007, he stole about 40,000 roubles (1,370 USD. 909 Euros. 826 UK Pounds) from believers in the village of Pershino Uvat, the press office of the oblast SU SKP RF reported on Tuesday. Mr Dmitrishin regularly visited Pershino, where he performed services and ran a church goods store. Abusing the confidence of the starosta of the parish and the parishioners, he produced fraudulent records in order to steal the proceeds from the sale of church items. This summer, investigators found this violation whilst they were pursuing another criminal case against Mr Dmitrishin. That case concerned the misappropriation of 500,000 roubles (17,169 USD. 11,367 Euros. 10,324 UK Pounds) of diocesan funds allocated to the diocese for employee/clergy housing. The investigations unit of Tobolsk brought a criminal case under Part 3 Article 159 of the RF Criminal Code (fraud committed by a person using his official position). In addition, the diocese defrocked Mr Dmitrishin and dismissed him from his post as rector.

1 December 2009



Editor’s Note:

Poor old Sergioshka, he shoulda been in the OCA and under the omofor of Jonas Paffhausen or Benjamin Peterson. Look at this link (and look for the name Raymond Velencia): http://www.oca.org/news/2018

Seen it? Yep… JP, Hatfield, BP, and the rest of their scurvy crew don’t care about corruption or clerical abuse of power. For them not in the know, it’s a known fact that Velencia sent an e-mail to all the members of the so-called Metropolitan Council (some 20 self-important laymen and married clerics) giving juicy details of a parishioner’s private life. He’s also currently a defendant in litigation for abusive behaviour towards Kristine Koumentakos. THIS is the sort of filth that the OCA sends as a representative to the OCMC. Then again, Chad Hatfield was there too… you know, he signed the concordat with Nashotah House, linking the OCA with Jefferts-Schori and her gang (like it or not, Nashotah House is under the TEC… Mr Munday is a cleric of the TEC… ergo, JP and Hatfield openly signed a pact with the TEC… QED).

Dmitrishin shoulda been in the Diocese of NY and NJ (or whatever they’re calling it this week)… all he’d have to do would be to destroy the records and Jonas Paffhausen would stick up for him, the same as he sticks up for Iggy and Bobby. After all, “the records simply don’t exist”. Reflect well that investigators found this skulduggery in the diocese run by one of the more… shall I say, “flexible”… bishops in the MP, Dmitri Kapalin (better known as Dmitri Banditski). Hmm… I have a feeling that KMG had a hand in this… it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature… or to steal under the nose of the patriarch. Dmitri Banditski had best watch his step.

Note well that the sums involved in this are far smaller than those proven to have been stolen by Bobby K and far smaller than those missing funds in the “missing” records. Iggy Burdikoff is still the Dean of Upstate NY and Bobby K still pulls an OCA salary higher than that of many priests… poor Sergioshka, he had the misfortune of committing his crime in the wrong place. Bobby and Iggy woulda covered for ‘im! On the other hand, don’t mess with Mother Russia… we got standards, after all. Thieving priests get le sabot. Full stop. That’s as it should be.

The MP defrocks and boots out dishonest priests… the OCA rewards them. Dear Lord, how long must we wait?



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