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Monday, 25 January 2010

Mayor Luzhkov Labelled Gay Parades “Satanic Acts”

Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov (1936- )… you tell ‘em, Yuri Mikhailovich!

Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov reiterated his firm opposition to gay pride parades in his city. “For several years, there has been unprecedented pressure put on Moscow, demanding a gay pride parade, something that I can only call a satanic act. However, we have never allowed such a parade and we will continue to forbid it. Everyone must understand that this is not theoretical, this is real”, Mayor Luzhkov said on Monday at the opening of the 18th Christmas Educational Readings in Moscow. Last year, at the opening of the Christmas Readings, Mr Luzhkov also voiced strong disapproval of gay parades. In his opinion, in combating certain social evils, “You don’t waste your time on smarmy discussions about human rights; you pounce on them with all the authority and righteousness of the law. I don’t need a liberal’s carrot and stick approach, we need to use the whip”. He enumerated such social ills as drug abuse, xenophobia, and instigating ethnic hatred, as well as “blatant propaganda for so-called ‘same-sex love’”.

25 January 2010




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