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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Lydia Plas Dies in Nice: She was Barred from the Mysteries by Gabriel de Vylder for Exposing the Russophobic Policy of the Clergy There

Lydia Plas (1933-2010), a confessor for our time… she stood for what was right and true… she was barred from the chalice as a result… THIS is what the Paris gang and the OCA stand for… don’t let Mme Plas’ suffering be for nought! Pray for her soul and send them no money!


Lydia Plas, the centre of a controversy in Nice, died today at the age of 76. A parishioner of St Nicholas Cathedral, the former secretary of the church council of the Russian Orthodox Association of the City (ACOR), she was barred from the Mysteries by the head of the so-called Patriarchal Exarchate for Orthodox Parishes of Russian Tradition in Western Europe under the EP, Archbishop Gabriel  de Vylder, for an indefinite period in the spring of 2008. Interfax-Religion learned of her death from sources in the Russian Orthodox community in Nice. They also told us that Mme Plas complained of heart problems in recent months. Gabriel barred Mme Plas from the mysteries because she wrote an article, “A Russian Church of Magnificent Beauty”, which appeared in the newspaper Русская мысль (Russian Thought), it brought to light the parish life of St Nicholas Cathedral. She noted that the rector, Archpriest Johann Heidt, along with the other clergy of the cathedral, took an openly Russophobic position, so, she pointed up, “They neglected Russian traditions and discouraged them”, and, as a result, “Everything Russian in parish life is curtailed and abandoned”. Shortly after the publication of the article, Gabriel barred Mme Plas from the mysteries for an indefinite period. This action was carried out in absentia; she only received by mail a letter with notification of the decision. In subsequent months, Mme Plas repeatedly appealed to Gabriel to set aside this edict. She wrote an open letter addressed to the head of the Archdiocese and other members of the Russian Orthodox community in France, but Gabriel refused to answer. A year ago, one of the clergy of St Nicholas Cathedral abruptly refused to absolve Mme Plas during confession and forbade her to enter the church building at all.

3 March 2010



Editor’s Note:

Firstly, as we are Orthodox Christians, do pray for the persecuted handmaiden of God Lydia… light a candle for her and order a Pannikhida, if you can. She deserved none of what came to her, truly. This proves, even for the slow learners, the wickedness of the cabals that run the OCA and the Paris gang (this is not to mention the fact that the OCA has a VERY serious problem with open homosexuality in high places). Since the time of Schmemann, both of these groups have used the Mysteries as a weapon. If one disagreed with them, they cut you off from the Church and its Mysteries, there was no chance to defend yourself, and they trashed your reputation. Do NOT forget… Vladyki Job spoke of this. He condemned it. Many often speak of him as “the last honest man in the OCA”. I agree with that assessment. Unfortunately, the situation hasn’t improved in the OCA under JP. Indeed, it’s deteriorated. Secrecy runs amok, the Old Gang is firmly in power, and we see all the old evasions being utilised by the same old faces.

It looks dark… very dark, indeed. It looks as desolate as Stalingrad after the smoke cleared after the battle. Can people live here? There’s hope… if you’d told people on 31 July 1991 that the USSR would be prostrate within the month, dead by its own hand by the end of August, they would’ve told you to go home and sleep it off. Yet, that’s what happened. I do NOT know how or when the OCA is going to collapse or what is going to happen as a result of that collapse, but I believe that any rational person sees it coming. The end shall be hastened by unwise policies, not the least of which is keeping SVS in a very expensive location, when the OCA is aware that it has been declining in membership for at least the last thirty years. I’ll leave you with a final reflection. The OCA has always lied about its membership figures to the outside world. Today, they are returning to those lies, as JP’s interview to Pravoslavie.ru proved. If they refuse to tell you the truth on this, well, how can you trust them on anything else? Also, do note that they never give the results of fund drives… for instance, oca.org doesn’t tell you how much JP’s Haiti appeal raised or what it went for. Crazy, ain’t it? I didn’t make up this situation; I’m only reporting it. Be good… we’re going to need it.


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