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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Diocese of Ulan-Ude and Buryatia Aggressively Checkmates Mormons

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St Michael of the Apocalypse

The Information Division of the Diocese of Ulan-Ude and Buryatia issued a statement stating that there has been an upsurge of Mormon sectarianism in Buryatia. They warn that it is a pagan cult, which practises marriages with the dead. The official name of this sect is “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints”. Additionally, this statement pointed up that Mormons are not a part of Christianity. Members of this sect gather archival data, extracting names of dead people from the archives for their rituals. The Diocese cited a work by Aleksandr Dvorkin, Сектоведение: Тоталитарные секты (Sectarian Studies: Totalitarian Sects), especially its chapter, “Do Mormons Contract Marriages with the Dead” (У мормонов существуют браки с мертвыми). It states, “Mormons believe that such ‘celestial marriages’ open the gates to achieve the highest degree of salvation, becoming gods. Mormons write down the names of dead women and marry them, so that later, after their death, when they become gods and dwell on their planet, all these dead women shall be in their harems. No one can be sure that his grandmother did not become the ‘wife’ of a Mormon”. Mr Dvorkin believes such marriages are a terrible blasphemy, comparable only to the desecration of graves by Satanists.

5 March 2010

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Editor’s Note:

All too many Americans are insipid in their attitude to the main “American Sects”… Mormonism, the JWs (more properly, Russellites), and Seventh Day Adventists (more precisely, Millerites). I would argue that they are nothing but Puritan Protestantism brought to its illogical conclusion. They are Americanists to a tee, even more so than so-called Evangelical Protestants (that is, Radical Non-Liturgical Low Churchers). However, the Evangelicals are not that much different from these sorts, so, we have to beware any contact with them. Pentecostalists (Parhamites) are more American Sectarians rather than Evangelicals… they are slightly more Christian than the Sectarians are, but not by much. It’s why Paffhausen had no excuse playing about with the “Manhattan Statement”. We have little in common with Evangelicals and their Low Church hijinks… remember how those sorts went to Russia because “the Russian people don’t know Jesus?” I seem to notice that he loves to hang about Proddies and papists and wants us to be like them… do look at that and reflect… that’s not very good, is it? Remember that JP wishes us to emulate an “Orthodox” monastery that celebrates “the Orthodox Feast of St Francis”… I find that compelling and damning, what about you?


Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus Asked Queen Elizabeth to Deprive Sir Elton John of His Knighthood Because He Uttered Blasphemy

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Sir Elton John (1947- )… So, Christ is a homosexual, eh? Where’s your proof? SUBSTANTIATE! He can’t… therefore, Metropolitan Seraphim is right (as Vladyki Seraphim is also correct in being an implacable foe of the Unia)

Metropolitan Seraphim Mentzelopoulos of Piraeus asked Queen Elizabeth II to divest pop singer Sir Elton John of his knighthood for uttering blasphemy. According to the website Sedmitsa.ru, the metropolitan sent a letter to Queen Elizabeth II and the British Ambassador to Greece after Elton John said that Christ was a homosexual. The letter states, “[Elton John] dared to insult the Incarnate Divine-Human (theandric) Person, the crucified and risen Son of God, attributing to him his personal psychopathological deviation. The Christian community around the world expects that your Majesty will express your judgement on this [utterance] and divest [Elton John] of his honorary title because he has undeservedly insulted the highest figure for Christians throughout the world”.

5 March 2010

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