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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus Asked Queen Elizabeth to Deprive Sir Elton John of His Knighthood Because He Uttered Blasphemy

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Sir Elton John (1947- )… So, Christ is a homosexual, eh? Where’s your proof? SUBSTANTIATE! He can’t… therefore, Metropolitan Seraphim is right (as Vladyki Seraphim is also correct in being an implacable foe of the Unia)

Metropolitan Seraphim Mentzelopoulos of Piraeus asked Queen Elizabeth II to divest pop singer Sir Elton John of his knighthood for uttering blasphemy. According to the website Sedmitsa.ru, the metropolitan sent a letter to Queen Elizabeth II and the British Ambassador to Greece after Elton John said that Christ was a homosexual. The letter states, “[Elton John] dared to insult the Incarnate Divine-Human (theandric) Person, the crucified and risen Son of God, attributing to him his personal psychopathological deviation. The Christian community around the world expects that your Majesty will express your judgement on this [utterance] and divest [Elton John] of his honorary title because he has undeservedly insulted the highest figure for Christians throughout the world”.

5 March 2010

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