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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Back to the Future, Orthodox-Style

Firstly, read this:


Of course, everyone has heard of the visit of ROCOR hierarchs and clergy to St Tikhon’s last week. I was waiting to see if anything was going to come out of the woodwork… indeed, there was. There was a wrinkle unreported on either website. A source who wishes to remain anonymous told us that the topic of unity was broached at the meeting. The OCA parties were told, straight up, “If you wish union, you can have it… but you must give up autocephaly”. Note well that the talks did not take place at SVS. That is… JP must step down as “Metropolitan of all America and Canada”… that is an empty title in any case. If such an offer was given, you can be certain that Hilarion Kapral only tendered it after getting the green light from the Centre.

Let’s be blunt. The OCA is being given a proposition. It has no room for manoeuvre, as it is running out of funds. What shall this do to the HOOMies and the konvertsy? It looks like the healthy elements of the OCA are ready to go home. It’s about bloody time. I’m thinking of an old poster from the Great Patriotic War. Look at it… I’m posting it below.

Look at the words, “Let’s take care of the children hurt by the fascist barbarians”. In our case, it’s “Let’s take care of the faithful scandalised by the excesses of SVS and New Skete”. If this is true, and I believe that it is, considering the source, we are going to bind up the wounds caused by Schmemann’s bloated ego and erroneous teachings. The war that he started almost destroyed Orthodoxy in the USA. Yes, we want the OCA to come home, but this is not an ecclesial Munich… it is not “peace at any price”. The OCA has to end its existence… full stop. We must unite the Russian Orthodox Church in the Americas… that is doable and within our grasp. This moonshine of pan-Orthodoxy and “American Orthodoxy” has to cease… they don’t exist and cannot exist.

“Let’s take care of the scandalised faithful…”, that’s job number one. “Let’s go back to the tried and true road”, that’s job number two. I think that most of us can agree to that. As for those who wish to celebrate “the Orthodox feast of St Francis”… let them… outside of the Church. We have important things to do… we shouldn’t waste time holding pointless arguments with blinkered idiots. We have a Church to rebuild… that’s going to take a generation, at least.

Back to the future! This is good news… shall the OCA realise what is being offered? One can only hope. It’s their serve, now…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 9 March 2010

Albany NY

A Note on My Editorial Policy…

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I do not accept private e-mails… I have learnt from sad experience that the internet is full of… interesting… individuals. Therefore, to preserve what is left of my privacy, I do not engage in private communications… this is to keep my e-mail address secure and free of schmutz. Yes… I know that most of you are totally harmless and innocuous. Indeed, most of you are damned fine and decent human beings. However, I am not made of stone and I’m been trampled on once too often.

My staritsa tells me that the internet has shredded personal privacy, and I believe her. I remember reading a sci-fi story many years ago. It was about the invention of a time machine… it appears that one could go back as far as one wanted. Unfortunately, most people used it to spy on others, gossip, back-stab, and generally cause all sort of mayhem. The internet is many things… it is both a beneficent blessing and a diabolic curse. The genie can’t be put back in the bottle… we must learn how to live with this. One way is to respect the intimacies of others… I do my best to do that.

By the way, clergy should know that I am jealous of their privacy and protect it at all costs. I never name clergy and never put their comments up directly. You see, if I post it under my name, no hacker can trace back where the communication came from. I believe that is the ultimate form of respect, isn’t it?

As a general rule, I know that there are many who don’t like my attitude towards Uniates. So be it. That’s not up for discussion. I don’t discuss the intimacies of my private life here. I have similar respect for the privacies of your life. No, this site is not “religious” or “spiritual”… it is journalistic, designedly so, it is not exclusively “churchly”. The atmosphere is rather free-wheeling and unbuttoned… that’s the way I am; that’s the way this site is run.

I speak for no one but myself. I realise that there is no such thing as an idle word… therefore, I shall never bow the knee to corruption and evil in the Church. God willing, some of you out there agree with me.

This is a reply, in all kindness, to a communication from one of our priests. If you have anything further to say, Father, comment on this post, and I will keep it private. Remember, I won’t reply to personal questions… and I shall ask none of you. That’s fair, no?

Be good… we’re still on the road of the Lent… In a little under a month, there shall be Easter. Remember, our Lord Christ did not die in vain… he rose again. These dry bones can live.

If I have offended anyone, I bow and ask your forgiveness. If there is anything that I know, it is my personal sinfulness. Bog blagoslovit.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 9 March 2010

Albany NY

Russian Jews Concerned About Distortion of World War II History in the Post–Soviet Successor States

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Take a GOOD look. Dead bodies lying at the gate of a liberated concentration camp. If you doubt the reality of this… ask any WW2 vet… they’ll tell you the truth straight up! Honour them, for they destroyed a monstrous hydra. There are fewer of them left each year.

The Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia (FEOR) expressed concern over the decision of the Moldovan government to equate Soviet soldier-liberators and collaborators who supported Marshal Antonescu, who fought alongside Nazi Germany. “On the eve of the 65th anniversary of our Victory in the Great Patriotic War, the recent events in Moldova seem all the more blasphemous“, said a statement issued by the FEOR in Moscow on Tuesday. The FEOR circulated this in response to the decision by the Moldovan authorities to award commemorative Victory Medals to both Soviet veterans and those who served in the Romanian occupation forces. In addition, the statement pointed up that the annual marches in March of veterans of the Latvian Legion of the Waffen SS in Latvia “are an insult the memory of the countless victims of crimes against humanity committed during the Second World War”.

Polish civilian victims of the Nazi collaboratonist UPA in Volhynia… their only “crime” was to be “Polish”… thank God, the voters in the Ukraine totally repudiated the legacy of these thugs.

At the same time, the statement reminded us of the court case in Latvia against one of the local Neo-Nazi leaders, Andris Jordaens, who was sentenced to two years in prison for inciting ethnic hatred in 2008. The criminal case against Jordaens was initiated after a February 2007 conference of the Latvian Anti-Fascist Committee. At that time, he declared himself the leader of the Neo-Nazis and said, “Jews and Gypsies aren’t people, so, we don’t have them in our organisation, because we are dedicated to the ethnic cleansing [of Latvia]”. In early 2010, Jordaens took advantage of his right to appeal and the Supreme Court of Latvia fully exonerated this leading Neo-Nazi.

Nazism shakes hands with Radical Islamism… there’s no difference… remember that when you hear twisters of history like “Bishop” Williamson…

“At all times, the Russian Jewish community urges the governments of the Baltic states, and those of all other countries that are trying to distort the history of the Second World War, to reflect soberly on the facts. They must face the reality that the forces of the German fascists murdered civilians in their countries and that many collaborated with them during the war. However, a balanced and comprehensive assessment of these events has never issued from the lips of the heads of these countries”, the statement emphasised. In this regard, the FEOR called again for the EU and the UN “to provide an adequate assessment of this silent indifference” from European countries such as Latvia, Moldova, Estonia, and the Ukraine. “If a statement from the UN and the EU in this regard is not forthcoming, then, we can safely say that there has been a full rehabilitation of Nazism in Europe and in the world at large”, the FEOR statement said.

9 March 2010



Memorial to the soldiers of the Anti-Hitler coalition at Poklonaya Gora… please, note that all the figures are the same size… all the veterans from all the countries that opposed Hitler deserve equal honour. Shake the hand of a guy from the Van Doos… he deserves it!

Editor’s Note:

I am often accused of being “simplistic” by Ukrainian and Balt nationalists and their American enablers. Make no mistake, the murder of European Jews by the Nazis was made much easier because Balts and Galicians cooperated eagerly with them. Serbs didn’t… Poles didn’t… Greeks didn’t… God bless the guineas and the Danes… they not only didn’t cooperate with the Nazis, they obstructed them! Take note of who was naughty and who was nice… note well that American “conservatives” support the collaborationists… interesting observation, no? Give a mark of respect to the next US WW2 vet you meet. They deserve it for having rid the world of such filth. Say it now, while you still can.


Videos: The Hills Echo With the Sound of (Cossack) Music

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To go along with the post below, I knew that I just had to post some authentic Cossack singing. Most are from the Kuban Cossack Choir, but not all of them are from them (as good as they are). Here are the voices of the brave! I’ll tell ya this much… it sure ain’t Koombayah!

Here’s one of our famous Russian basses…

Now, let’s hear from our equally-famous Russian kontralti… don’t you just love the ensemble that she’s wearing?

Hmm… equal time for the soprani, eh?

Now, for a Cossack song and dance group performing in Poland.

Doesn’t this just tingle all the way down to your toes?

Cossack dancers! Don’t mess with the best!

Victory Day! All glory to our heroes!

Lastly… but certainly not least… a song by one of my fave performers, Pelegeya.

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