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Friday, 19 March 2010

Jehovah’s Witnesses Accused of Extremism in Tambov

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The Russellites get it in the neck… good! They are a pain in the bum wherever they go, and it’s about time that they were put in their place. If they wish to spew their bile in their halls, so be it… let them be silent in public.

In Tambov oblast, the authorities opened a criminal investigation of the Jehovah’s Witnesses for the dissemination of extremist literature, the press office of the oblast procurator said on Thursday. Results of the initial inquiry found that in the period from January to February 2010, Jehovah’s Witnesses distributed to Tambov residents a book, Чему на самом деле учит Библия? (What does the Bible Actually Teach?), and pamphlets, Следует ли верить в Троицу? (Should I Believe in the Trinity?) and Является ли Иисус Христос Всемогущим Богом? (Is Jesus Christ God Almighty?) This material promotes the superiority of one religion over the others. The decision of the Rostov Oblast Court and the definition of the judicial board on civil cases of the Supreme Court declared this book and these two pamphlets extremist material and included them in the federal list of extremist materials. A criminal case investigation is underway to identify those who distributed this material, and to establish the people involved in their spread. Criminal proceedings were instituted under Part 1 of Article 282 of the Criminal Code (actions aimed to demean an individual on the grounds of religion).

18 March 2010



Moscow Bakeries to Bake 820 Tonnes of Kulich for Easter

Kulichi (Easter cakes) and pysanki (coloured and decorated Easter eggs)… Lordy! I’ve gained a dress size or two just thinking of this stuff.


For Easter, which this year is on 4 April, Moscow bakeries are ready to bake 820 tonnes (904 tons) of cakes, the press service of the Moscow Department of Food Resources told Interfax on Thursday. Kulichi will range in weight from 100 to 800 grammes (4 ounces to 1 pound 12 ounces) and their price will be from 25 to 120 rubbles (0.85 to 4.09 USD 0.63 to 3.02 Euros 0.57 to 2.72 UK Pounds). In addition, poultry farms near Moscow expect to sell 10 million eggs for Easter.

18 March 2010



Russian Federation Proposes to Make the Day of the Baptism of Russia a Secular Holiday

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00 Mikhail Shankov. Baptism of Russia. 2003

The Baptism of Russia

Mikhail Shankov



RF Gosduma Deputies proposed the establishment of a new secular holiday, the Day of the Baptism of Russia, which would be marked on 28 July, the feastday of Grand Prince St Vladimir, Equal-to-the-Apostles, and Enlightener of all the Russias. On Friday, the relevant changes in Article 1.1 of the Federal Law “On the Days of Glory and Anniversaries of Russia” were made in the Gosduma. This information is contained in the Gosduma database. Funds from the federal budget would cover the costs of the public activities commemorating this new holiday.

19 March 2010



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