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Sunday, 4 April 2010

It Ain’t On the Up and Square…

Time Erases All… Only a Blank Sheet Remains (Roman Velichko, 2010). That’s what the OCA wants… a blank sheet… and they want you to be bovine lotus-eaters. Whither thou goest?

First, they may never go back to an Orthodox church. Their faith in God is intact (if occasionally strained, when things are really bad), but the associations with Orthodoxy are just too much to manage, for right now at least… Even Christ didn’t stay in Hell to try to undo all the Evil One’s interior decorating, but rose to be with the Father on the third day.

A Friendly Interlocutor

No doubt, the news is seeping out regarding a well-known court action. I have given promises and I intend to keep them, therefore, I shall not use names… however, I doubt that anyone is going to misunderstand what follows. There has been much “circling of the wagons” by the konvertsy around JP. “Things have changed. It’s all over. It’s a new day”. Nothing could be further from the truth. They’ve inked yet another “confidential settlement”, kids. Why don’t you ask Valerie Ringa how much she’s going to pay out for this? That’s your right, after all. I would observe that the secrecy of the previous administration is not only still in place, it has been intensified. One wonders what consequence a certain priest is going to face for his actions… I’ll predict that NOTHING is going to happen to him. Notice well that Mark Stokoe is probably going to be silent on this matter to protect his friend Paffhausen.

We see this not only in our Orthodox Church (for the OCA is not alone in this). Look at the following article. It concerns Anglicans and Catholics, but if you read it with an open mind, you see how it affects us:


Let’s leave aside the obvious caveat that Rowan Williams is not one who should kvetch about credibility… the C of E has precious little of that commodity left, does it? Note the first sentence, “The Roman Catholic Church in Ireland has lost all credibility because of its mishandling of abuse by priests, the leader of the Anglican church said in remarks released Saturday”. Let’s recast that slightly to fit the matter at hand. Hmm… shouldn’t we amend it to, “The Orthodox Church in America has lost all credibility because of its mishandling of abuse by priests?” Stalling, “confidential settlements”, and secret payouts were its methods in the past… and they continue today, I fear. People left in the past due to such Mafioso tactics… they are still leaving today. I weep for every one of them… I DO feel their wounds and I know what clerical arrogance and deceit are all about. The only reason that I stay loyal to the Church is that she is the Bride of Christ… and no action or statement of a Piggy Iggy Burdikoff or Alexander Lebedeff shall change it, no matter how egregious or false it is. I refuse to judge anyone who leaves… the human frame can only endure so much, after all.

By their fruits, ye shall know them… Jonas Paffhausen has given you his answer. He has nothing but contempt for you. You are to be told nothing “for the good of the Church”. I would advise Mr Lebedeff not to rush to JP’s defence… it would be defending the use of Church monies… the “widow’s mite”, as Rev Lebedeff so rightly described them… for secret payouts by the Church’s consiglieri! I would also advise Fr Alexander to note that this is not the first such secret payout by the OCA and that the ROCOR has had similar problems (remember Benedict Greene in Texas and his naughty doings, sir?). There are large and obvious bulges under BOTH rugs, sadly enough.

As the word passes concerning this situation, you do have a choice. You can avert your eyes and ignore it “for the good of the Church” as JP wants you to. Alternatively, you can face the dragon. I can attest that it isn’t pleasant in the least, as these fellows have no scruples or inhibitions. Bishop Job said so in the past; sadly, it’s no different today.

You see, if we just “let things go” and “move on”… the unhealthy segments of our Church here will die out (and affect the rest, unfortunately). Today, Nicky and I attended a morning Easter service at the Greek church in Albany. There were signs of a vibrant parish… many children, order in the service, and new fresh frescoes on the walls. THIS parish is not unhealthy… not with over 200 people at the service (and many more the night before, I was told). Friends of mine in the GOA tell me that St Sophia’s is not an atypical parish… the so-called “Orthodox Christian Laity” are a hated group of malcontents, and most of my Greek acquaintances can’t stand them. Oh, yes… do note that JP addressed the OCL without clearing it with Demetrios Trakatellis… THAT’S not done. That’s messing with GOA faithful… gad sir, that ain’t kosher in the least!

If the OCA dies, it will NOT mean the death of Orthodoxy in the Americas. Send Paffhausen or his cronies no money… that’s the only language they understand. Bear in mind that the recent legal imbroglio led to people leaving the Church. It shall continue until the OCA croaks, I fear. What is the only remedy? Openness… it must be of the same sort that the MP showed in England. Only an open airing of the situation will cure it… do ask the MP clergy involved. Otherwise, you are nothing but ecstatic and naked pagans painted with blue woad dancing around a grinning and decomposed corpse. Openness or Schmemanndorf duplicity… it’s your choice, after all.

Not a pleasant Easter meditation, wot? However, reality isn’t always pleasant… adults know that. Do we want a Church here or not? Don’t reply quickly…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Easter Sunday

4 April 2010

Albany NY

Weeping and Sobbing

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Vladimir Petrenkov, one of the victims of the terrorist bombing in the Moscow Metro… they all had faces… they all had names… they weren’t mere ciphers…

On the Blessed Death of Vladimir Petrenkov and the Other Innocents Killed in the Moscow Metro Blasts

It was a joyful and sunny day. It was the season when the larks begin to sing, just as we in Russia and everyone else around the world celebrated Christ’s entry into Jerusalem and sang, “Blessed art Thou, He that cometh…” That was Sunday 28 March, exactly as it was more than two thousand years ago in the Holy Land in the Middle East. Volodya brought home a bouquet of flowers and put it on the table in front of his mother. He was thinking of earning his degree at the Moscow Linguistic University…

Volodya was little different from his peers. Truly, he was just an ordinary Moscow boy. He wasn’t long-winded, conceited, or a daydreamer… Volodya knew how to listen to others and empathise with them. He was sorrowful when there were disputes in the family. He loved his parents and he knew how to make friends. On Monday of Holy Week, Volodya went down into the Metro to go to Sokolniki for a lecture, but his life, along with the others killed in the attack, came to a complete stop at the Lubyanka station… All this is very similar to what happened many years ago… first, they met the Lord in Jerusalem, and, the next day, they betrayed him. These innocent victims were betrayed and fell victim to the violence of terrorists due to our smug complacency. Of course, the government is trying to have compassion on the families of Volodya and the other victims of the terrorist attack, but this is, unfortunately, only a belated moral justification for the immorality rampant in our society.

Saying goodbye to Volodya and the others who perished on that Monday, we consciously and subconsciously began to think about our souls, and ourselves, because the souls of the martyrs go to the Heavenly Jerusalem, they are united with the Lord in the celebration of Easter, and they shall welcome us from heaven on the bright holiday of Christ’s Resurrection. Along with all Orthodox people, we, the writers of Russia, pray for the repose of the souls of innocent slaughtered in the attack, we ask that the Lord shall receive them in the mansions of the righteous, and we offer condolences to their families and loved ones. We weep and sob, and we sing “Eternal Memory” to the servant of God Vladimir and all the other innocents murdered in the Moscow Metro on Monday of Holy Week.

31 March 2010

“Russian Writers”

Русское воскресение (Russian Resurrection)


Gennady Zyuganov: I Believe That We Can Revive and Raise Up All the Russias If We Act as One! (Easter Greeting 2010)

Easter Greetings of KPRF leader Gennady Zyuganov to Our Compatriots

Brothers and sisters!

Just as they have done for a thousand years, the Russian people now enter upon the most important spiritual celebration of Holy Russia… Christ’s Easter. From generation to generation, the Easter greeting was passed down. Christ is Risen! Indeed, He is Risen!

This life-asserting faith in the victory of good over evil, of light over darkness, has always been inherent in our people. However, we can never fully understand or grasp [the essence of] this holiday celebration with our unaided minds, “now abideth these three: faith, hope, and love”. Nevertheless, injustice and anger, greed and selfishness, things that usually shroud the world, retreat before the Easter joy. Despite all the trials that we have to overcome in the current troubled times, in spite of our painful concern for the basic survival of our people, we should not forget our highest vocation. In this, the Orthodox Church in Russia has a great role to play.

We, the members of the Russian Communist Party, like all the honest people in our country, which are an absolute majority in Russia, marshal our forces so that our beloved homeland can pass through our current difficulties with decent dignity. Let the great values and aspirations of labour, justice, equality, brotherhood, and truth, things that are bedrock to the timeless Christian faith and the communist ideal alike, triumph in our lives.

I greet all the clergy and laity of the Russian Orthodox Church, indeed, all Orthodox Christians, in the light of the Risen Christ, I wish you spiritual vigour and physical strength.

I believe that we can revive and raise up all the Russias if we act as one!

3 April 2010

Gennady Zyuganov

Head of the KPRF faction in the RF Gosduma

RF Federal Assembly

Коммунистическая партия Российской Федерации КПРФ (official website of the RF Communist Party)


KPRF delegation on a visit to a monastery

Editor’s Note:

It’s not your grandpa’s Communist Party. I know of KPRF members who are both good Orthodox believers and sincere Communists. Indeed, over the years, the Communists in the Ukraine were sincere and staunch supporters of the canonical Church against schismatical and Uniate attacks. In fact, it is easier for a Communist to be a practising Christian than it is for a follower of Adam Smith-style “dog-eat-dog” capitalism to be such. Such a statement is “heresy” in the West… the West equates material prosperity with rightness; it equates the greed for more wealth with faith in God. The Fathers of the Church would not agree; neither does His Holiness Patriarch Kirill. Here is a reflection… Which of these follows Christianity more closely? Is it the pursuit of the common good or the pursuit of filthy lucre for selfish ends?

The loss of power has led the Commies to assess what went wrong in the old USSR with no holds barred. One of the mistakes that they admit is the persecution of religion. It has also led them to point up what was right in that system… and we would be stupid to think that the Sovs were merely a barbaric dictatorship. True, there wasn’t as much as there was in the USA, but they shared it more equally (of course, the nomenklatura were better off… but they weren’t as obscenely rich as American plutocrats were). Note well that some of the konvertsy attempt to link the Church with unbridled capitalism and American “Democracy” (their apologia for such is fully as noisome as that of the American Sectarian Proddies). I would oppose this with all my heart and soul.

A friend sent me the following:

Does this not show your neocon loonies what little they know of Russian Orthodox reality?! Look how the Church subdued the Party… not with guns and bullets, but with martyrdom and love. So may it be with radical Islam. So may it be with radical US Imperialism. And so may it be even with us, sinners.

“Thou hast conquered, O Galilean!”

Something to think upon on this Easter, no? Be good and enjoy the feast.


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